10 Things You Didn’t Know About WEBDULTERY By Director Charles WahlJune 09, 2013

10 Things You Didn’t Know About WEBDULTERY By Director Charles Wahl


Fred and Deb’s marriage isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. Searching for that missing passion that they see in their friend’s lives, they both begin to secretly cheat on each other visiting adulterous websites. As they share their stories with anonymous strangers, encouraged to take that next step, they are both shocked when they meet with whom they think is their perfect match… But are they willing to risk it all for someone they’ve never met? WEBDULTERY is now on demand.

10 Things You Didn't Know About WEBDULTERY By Director Charles Wahl


- There are WAY more men using these sites than women. I couldn’t believe the amount of messages the female profiles received as soon as they were created. I didn’t even use pictures! Just a description saying I was an attractive woman in my mid thirties looking for something more than I’m getting in my marriage.

- On the contrary, days would go by and the male profiles would get no responses whatsoever. The only responses I got were from straight couples looking to bring another guy into the bedroom for a night.

- On most paid websites, women don’t actually have to pay anything because it’s the person who engages the initial contact that pays to send the message.

- Often men would send pictures of themselves with kids or even wedding pictures.

- Due to the sheer volume of male users, some of these sites employ people to act like women and chat with men on line. They do it so they can keep the men coming back.


- Many men have been roped in by escorts on these sites – prostitutes troll them, targeting men who are looking to cheat since it’s a pretty easy mark for them.

- Men typically use these sites for sex, no strings attached, and they make that very clear. Women on the other hand are looking for more than just a physical relationship, they want a full blown romantic affair. They want emotion.

- About 1/3 of all divorces right now are sparked because of online adultery.

- A few studies have also been done showing that only about 30% of people who have an online affair end up meeting each other to actually have sex.

- Surprised to find that only about 50% of men think an affair that stays online is even an affair. 


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