12TH & DELAWARE - HBO On DemandAugust 04, 2010

12TH & DELAWARE - HBO On Demand


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: HBO's documentary 12TH & DELAWARE.

Ft. Pierce, Florida is not Palm Beach. It’s not even West Palm Beach. This is not the trendy or wealthy playground of Florida. It’s a small coastal town where folks struggle to make a life for themselves. It’s also a town with an intersection that represents the struggle of our country to come to terms with the issue of abortion.




Oscar-nominated documentary film directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (Jesus Camp) got incredible access to both A Woman’s World Health Care Center (which provides abortions) and the Pregnancy Care Center (which counsels against abortion) which opened directly across the street. This amazing access allows the viewer an in-depth experience of the centers and the (mostly) well-intentioned people who work there, as well as the troubled women seeking assistance.




The proximity of the two centers is no accident of location. It’s a well-planned tactic of the anti-abortion war. Other tactics shown are the constant protests in front of the abortion clinic and the harassment and stalking of the patients, health care workers and doctors. If you are anti-abortion, you’ll cheer these hard working volunteers. If you are pro-choice, you’ll find them creepy. This film will not change anyone’s mind. It’s not intended to. It illuminates a sad and frustrating situation for all concerned.

- Jean Tait

Jean Tait is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. Currently the Director of Programming for the Connecticut Film Festival, Jean has programmed for the Jacksonville Film Festival and Sundance Channel.

12TH & DELAWARE is Available on HBO On Demand until 9/07/10

TV 14 / 80 min


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