EXCLUSIVE: 5 Surprising Facts About The New Movie ART MACHINE By Cast & CrewFebruary 08, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 5 Surprising Facts About The New Movie ART MACHINE By Cast & Crew

ART MACHINE (Pie Face Pictures)

At age six, child prodigy painter Declan Truss (Joseph Cross) was propelled into the art world as a rare marvel, but by seventeen, the tightrope of notoriety is catching up with him. Declan seeks inspiration as the immense pressures of an impending coming-of-age exhibition loom. His world explodes when he stumbles on a commune of rebellious freethinkers through an incendiary rooftop meeting with pyrotechnic outsider artist, Cassandra Moon (Jessica Szohr). Declan reaches beyond painting to wild experimentation, quickly spinning out of control. As he becomes consumed by his mania, he begins to regard his mother (Joey Lauren Adams) as part of a system that's keeping him down, and magnetically rallies the rebels to take part in his progressively subversive art exhibition--one that will ultimately shock and destroy.

Set against the backdrop of Brooklyn's vibrant art and music scene, ART MACHINE is a dark comedy about the tenuous relationship between art and commerce, the fine line between creative genius and clinical mania, and the damaging effects of fame. Now available on demand. 



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5 Surprising Facts About ART MACHINE


Director Doug Karr, producer Aimee McCab, Adam Krueger (the artist whose work was featured in the film), and actor Lucas Papaelias collected 5 surprising facts about the new movie on demand, ART MACHINE.


1. Lucas Papaelias who plays the outsider artist’s self-proclaimed director of agitation and propaganda—Agit Prop—recalls that “there was one night when Agit's anarchic radster crew was supposed to go on the subway and do some anarchistic artist stuff. But we didn't even have an actual permit to shoot on the subway, much less to burn shit and paint graffiti... plus it had already been a really long day.


After much deliberation,

we decided to just get drunk and

run around the streets of Williamsburg and

raise hell, de-pantsing in the middle of the street and

jumping on cars... 


...We ended up at some loft party and totally crashed it with the cameras and everything. The party then continued at Doug & Aimee's after we had finished shooting for the night.” 


ART MACHINE (Pie Face Pictures)


2. Other fun surprising facts about the film include the fact that all of the explosions, fire gags and even Cassandra’s flaming hand were achieved practically, meaning we actually blew things up and lit a stunt person's hand on fire and didn't opt for the convenient fakery of CGI. “Of course we enlisted a crack team of physical effects professionals to ensure nobody got hurt during shooting,” says director Doug Karr, “but I was really set on not faking it, even though that would have been an easier path. Luckily nobody lost any body parts, just a little arm hair.” 


3. Producer Aimee Karr recounts how “not only did the initial Kickstarter campaign get the ball rolling on financing the film but it also raised awareness to a group of investors who jumped onboard outside of the campaign, allowing us to raise our entire budget and go into production in a matter of months. It also allowed us to pay for the five hit and run car accidents that impacted our crew. Our favorite one was when one of our own interns hit one of our other production cars…and then ran. Gotta love shooting in New York City!” 


4. Adam Krueger busted out all of the incredible art featured in the film in a roller coaster round-the-clock frenzy, all the while showing up on set to be the hands of Joseph Cross for all of Declan Truss's onscreen painting. “Painting in such a short timeline was definitely a challenge, but nothing compared to the exhaustive hand modeling. Yell cut already.”


ART MACHINE (Pie Face Pictures)


5. Along with a killer score by Mark Kondracki, ART MACHINE has 2 music tracks in the film from a fantastic list of indie music’s who’s who including Kaki King, Plants and Animals, Twin Sister, and Here We Go Magic. See the film, then check out the soundtrack.


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