5 Top Reasons To Watch ZIPPER: CONEY ISLAND’S LAST WILD RIDEJuly 28, 2013



A story about greed, politics and the land grab of the century, the film ZIPPER chronicles the battle over an American cultural icon. On a small rented lot in the heart of Coney Island’s gritty amusement district, Eddie Miranda proudly operates a 38-year-old carnival contraption called the Zipper. When an opportunistic real estate mogul sets his sights on the property, Eddie and his ride - along with many of Coney Island’s eclectic small businesses - are forced to leave.

Behind the scenes, a high-stakes power struggle brews between the developer and the City of New York. Both see the redevelopment of Coney Island’s waterfront real estate as a lucrative opportunity. They lock horns when the City denounces the developer’s glitzy vision of condos and shopping, and ironically, hatches its own grand scheme to transform the area with the promise of housing and retail. The resulting standoff is a scary ride that leaves the future of the world-famous amusement park up in the air.

Can a reinvented Coney Island remain the “People’s Playground?” Will the zeal to capitalize on Coney Island as a brand ultimately sanitize its unfettered spirit? Be it an affront to history or simply the path of progress, ZIPPER examines the high cost of economic development. In an increasingly corporate landscape where authenticity is often sacrificed in the interest of economic growth, the Zipper may be just the beginning of what is lost. ZIPPER is currently available on iTunes.


5 Top Reasons To Watch ZIPPER: CONEY ISLAND’S LAST WILD RIDE by director Amy Nicholson:

1. Because it’s probably one of the last documentaries to be shot on film.

2. Because if you love carnival culture, history, classic rides, politics, mermaids, Brooklyn, side shows, and gritty seaside amusement parks, you will like it.

3. Because if you are not so fond of politicians, real estate moguls, chain stores, greed, gentrification, privatization, and the little guy getting pushed out in the name of progress, you will like it.


4. Because it’s likely the most entertaining film about land use ever made.

5. Because there’s a great shot of a guy throwing up about half way through.



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