Ariana Bernstein’s Top 5 Things You Need To Know About DELUSIONS OF GUINEVEREDecember 08, 2014

Ariana Bernstein’s Top 5 Things You Need To Know About DELUSIONS OF GUINEVERE


A former child star, Guinevere James, who now at 29, is washed up, overweight and not living up to her potential, struggles with her dark addiction to social media. She becomes increasingly obsessed with her former costar, Cadence Stone, who has blossomed into a modelesque A-lister at the top of her game. After a series of humiliating mishaps, Guinevere becomes a social media darling and pushes the limit of desire for fame, consequently destroying her familial relationships and friendships in her quest to regain the fame she thinks she deserves. DELUSIONS OF GUINEVERE is now in theaters in NYC and on iTunes. 


Ariana Bernstein's Top Five Things You Need To Know About Delusions of Guinevere:

1. A lot of the locations were designed by Ariana's Dad as he is an architect and sweet talked his clients into letting us use the spaces he designed for them. Our production designer then dirtied things down (Frank's Apt is actually really nice) or gussied them up, depending on what the scene called for.

2. We named the "Stoop Girl" scene after a drunk wanna-be intruder that wouldn't get off the stoop we were filming on for more than 3 hours. She tried to break into our location numerous times and was finally arrested (cigarette still in hand with handcuffs on). Clearly, she was coming down from an all night bender. Poor Stoop Girl.

3. It's a dark comedy that explores the duality between navigating your online persona vs. your real life one. See the movie and decide which one wins for Guinevere.



4. All of the film’s coffee shop scenes were filmed at the popular Williamsburg coffee shop Second Stop. The people in the neighborhood are now so used to film crews taking over their streets that they weren’t phased by a production taking over their local coffee place. In fact, they would just come on in, while we were filming, to get their morning java even though the place was closed for our shoot. We even convinced some of them to stay as extras and you can see them in the film.

5. The film was co-written by four writers who hadn’t met before coming together to craft the script. They met when Ariana put an ad up on Craigslist looking for a writing partner. She received hundreds of responses but culled it down to Joanna Bowzer, Niccolo Aeed and Marina Tempelsman. Two weeks later, the team locked themselves away and emerged 2 months late with the first draft of the script.

BONUS ROUND: Gelee Shots are tasty ;)


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