Barry Levinson (THE BAY) - The October VOD InterviewOctober 25, 2012

Barry Levinson (THE BAY) - The October VOD Interview

Barry Levinson

On Demand Weekly Presents Filmwax's monthly VOD Interview. For October Barry Levinson discusses THE BAY with Adam Schartoff.


Adam Schartoff, Fimwax Radio



The director of DINER, THE NATURAL, TIN MEN, RAIN MAN and WAG THE DOG stops by Filmwax Radio to discuss his latest film, THE BAY, a found footage ecological thriller. In addition to his film which premieres on Friday, November 2nd, Levinson also describes his feelings about VOD versus theatrical. - AS.


"For too long we've been too precious about theatrical. I mean I saw the great movies on television. I didn't see Citizen Kane in a movie theater. I didn't see The Maltese Falcon in the movie theater. I saw them on television," Barry Levinson.


Click here to listen to the entire interview on Box Radio or download on iTunes.


THE BAY is on demand 11/2/12.


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