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BEST NIGHT EVER (Magnolia Pictures)

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By Kate Asche Wilson


Vegas. Who doesn’t love the Vegas? I fondly recall the first time I ever set foot on The Strips sacred ground. A mere twelve years old, uncertain as to why a greasy fifty-year-old man handed me a call girl card. Uncertain as to what a call girl exactly was. Ah the sweet embrace of youth.

Now I’m much more jaded and understand where my childhood trauma stems from, but that doesn’t stop me from loving BEST NIGHT EVER. Now if you’re one of the few that doesn’t enjoy the subtle complexities of penis tiaras and Jell-O wrestling than turn back now. Seriously go watch 12 YEARS A SLAVE and ogle the mastery of filmmaking. But if you’re in the mood for mockumentary bachelorette shenanigans and NSFW debauchery than this is the film for you.

BEST NIGHT EVER is brought to you by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the brave men behind all of those questionable parody films. It’s true they’re no Trey and Matt, but with such film artistry as VAMPIRES SUCK did you really expect them to be? Despite their background BEST NIGHT EVER exceeded my expectations. Although it would be hard for me to not love a lady comedy that is essentially a BACHELORETTE/PROJECT X mash up.

Documenting the bachelorette party from the beginning road trip, we are first introduced to our four leading ladies: Claire, the sweet bride to be, Zoe, the wild best friend, Leslie, the resident uptight older sister, and Janet, our beautiful blond disaster. Holy stereotypes, Batman! But the good thing about stereotypes is that they’re based in truth, and these four women are so fun to watch as they get into outrageous situations including altercations with wayward valets, cancelled credit cards, and horribly stained hotel rooms.


Now it’s time to break this down into the good, the bad, and raucously racy.

The Good:

The outrageous absurdity of the situation. I keep viewing these insane bachelorette films and let me tell you if my bachelorette party does not hold up to them there will be hell to pay. I want to relate to one crazy night of nuttiness that I can tell drunken stories about in my old age to my disinterested grandkids. That is the kind of night I want, and this film encapsulates that level of absurdity to a tee. The mockumentary style of filming is also a huge plus and makes you feel that this craziness could actually happen to you. 


The Bad:

Depth. There is not a whole lot of depth here, but then again I told you this at the beginning. It’s a Vegas romp comedy produced by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Get with it!

The Raucously Racy:

Strippers, and hobos, and kidnapping, oh my! From the defiled sheets to the lap dances this film is chock full of inappropriate behavior. But hey, it’s Vegas! It wouldn’t work without the loose morals and naked women. It is just so entertaining watching our four ladies of debauchery move in and out of confusion, horror, excitement, more confusion, straight up insanity, and then euphoric drug induced happiness. Yeah, it goes there.

From gay husbands to pissing off your EMT, BEST NIGHT EVER has a lot of hilarious moments. It doesn’t take itself seriously, and you shouldn’t either. Go ahead, put down your Tolstoy and take a ninety-minute ride of pure parody. 



- Kate Asche Wilson


Kate Asche Wilson is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. She is a graduate from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University where she received a BA in Screenwriting. In her spare time Kate likes to take long walks on the beach, and watch telenovelas. Follow her on Twitter @KATEDOESLIFE!


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