COLD WEATHER Begins On DemandFebruary 09, 2011

COLD WEATHER Begins On Demand

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: COLD WEATHER (Sundance Selects).

Mumblecore Sees Its Shadow in COLD WEATHER

By Chris Claro


A quirky story with a vibe that harks back to the early days of indie film, COLD WEATHER is a low-key, shambling discourse on ambition and sibling relationships. Kind of but not really a detective story, Aaron Katz's film focuses on Doug, an aspiring forensic scientist working in a Portland, Oregon, ice factory. When Doug's ex-girlfriend goes missing, the Sherlock Holmes-loving slacker leads his sister on a search through Stumptown.
COLD WINTER (Sundance Selects)
COLD WINTER (Sundance Selects)
Katz adheres to a modified mumblecore style throughout COLD WEATHER, utilizing lots of handheld camera and long takes, and letting his story unfold at a more than leisurely pace. He gets the requisite understated performances out of his actors, who avoid the too-cool-for-the-room vibe that permeates so many small films. Cris Lankenau is dead-on as the charmingly aimless Doug, and Trieste Kelly Dunn's portrayal of sister Gail, Doug's initially unwilling Watson, is winning in its simplicity.


COLD WINTER (Sundance Selects)
COLD WINTER (Sundance Selects)

The Portland locations give COLD WEATHER a properly chilly vibe, with a rainy haze hanging over the city's seemingly barren streets. Shooting on a Red HD video camera, cinematographer Andrew Reed captures both Portland's allure and its attitude.
If you're on the prowl for low-key whimsy and a film that sort of sneaks up on you, step out into Aaron Katz's COLD WEATHER, an offbeat convergence of mystery, comedy, and indefinable appeal. Let its charms sneak up and pull you in.
COLD WINTER (Sundance Selects)
Aaron Katz / COLD WINTER (Sundance Selects)

- Chris Claro

Chris Claro is a contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. He is a former Director of Promotion for Sundance Channel and now works as a writer, producer, and media educator. He is a regular contributor to and contributor to the Eyes and Ears section of


COLD WEATHER is Available via Sundance Selects On Demand
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