DELUSIONS OF GUINEVERE - Exclusive ClipDecember 08, 2014


Former child actress Guinevere James (Ariana Bernstein) and her inner circle discuss different ways for her to become famous (vs infamous) again. DELUSIONS OF GUINEVERE is now in theaters in NYC and on iTunes. 



I want to be Successful


A former child star, Guinevere James, who now at 29, is washed up, overweight and not living up to her potential, struggles with her dark addiction to social media. She becomes increasingly obsessed with her former costar, Cadence Stone, who has blossomed into a modelesque A-lister at the top of her game. After a series of humiliating mishaps, Guinevere becomes a social media darling and pushes the limit of desire for fame, consequently destroying her familial relationships and friendships in her quest to regain the fame she thinks she deserves.

Starring: Ariana Bernstein, Andrew Ruth, Tom Grail, Amy Halldin, Graci Carli, Freddie Lee Bennett, Sandra Rodriguez


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