Five Things To Know About FAMILY WEEKEND by Kristin ChenowethMarch 03, 2013

Five Things To Know About FAMILY WEEKEND by Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth (Courtesy of ARC Entertainment)

FAMILY WEEKEND follows 16-year-old Emily Smith-Dungy (Olesya Rulin) an incredibly motivated, overachiever, who has grown increasingly frustrated with her parents’ lack of support and guidance. Her mom, Samantha (Kristen Chenoweth), is a career-focused, no-nonsense high powered business executive. Her dad, Duncan (Matthew Modine), is a happy go-lucky artist who can’t be bothered to earn a paycheck. When they missed their daughter’s big jump-roping competition, Emily hits her breaking point and takes it upon herself to restore order in the home. With the help of her siblings, they unite and take their parents hostage in hopes to become a “family” again.


Five Things To Know About FAMILY WEEKEND by Kristin Chenoweth


1. It's very important to know that my lip was waxed 45 times in one month. During a scene in FAMILY WEEKEND, my teenage daughter tapes my mouth shut with duct tape and she ripped it off every day during the shoot. I now no longer have any upper lip hair.

2. The film was shot in the Detroit area in January. It was the coldest I've ever been in my life. I'm still dethawing. My nose hairs were frozen.

3. This movie is more than just a movie about children. It's about parents having relationship struggles and shows the balancing act they face between career and family. I'm most proud that this is a film for everybody.


4. Everyone in the cast was incredible but I was most excited to work with one of my idols, the Academy Award winning Shirley Jones. She was the lead in the The Music Man and I also did a version for ABC about 708 years ago. I admire her and was thrilled to get to work with her. Shirley was amazing in FAMILY WEEKEND. She had the opportunity to play such an eccentric part and it lets audiences see her in a different way. It's not any where near what audiences have seen her in before.

5. We had an amazing ensemble cast and they cast it perfectly but I feel like we discovered Joey King. I'm going to make a prediction that this girl will win an Oscar one day.


FAMILY WEEKEND is now on demand. 


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