GASLAND -  On DemandJune 22, 2010

GASLAND -  On Demand


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: GASLAND.

I used to have a little cabin in the western Catskill Mountains. It was very rustic, but I loved it. One of the things I loved most about it was its water source: a spring of delicious, chemical-free water, almost unlimited, as long as there wasn’t a drought. Well (no pun intended), it looks as if that water my not be pure much longer.

I just watched Gasland, Josh Fox’s horrifying (yet extremely well made) documentary about the “clean” natural gas companies currently getting ready to rape and pillage the land in the New York/Pennsylvania/Delaware watershed region, the way they’ve destroyed so much in Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. Footage of people lighting their tap water on fire, while the gas companies tell them their water is safe to drink, is pretty darn frightening!


When Fox gets a notice that a natural gas company will pay him to lease the mineral rights of his land in Pennsylvania, he decides to investigate just what that would entail. The results lead him all over the country, talking to ordinary folks whose health and land have been polluted, to scientists and environmentalists, and finally to Congress, where the oil and gas executives decry the scurrilous reports that say fracking (the process of extracting natural gas) could possibly be toxic.



This is a must watch film. And the next time you see a bus pass by that says, “powered by clean natural gas,” think twice.

- Jean Tait

Jean Tait is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. Currently the Director of Programming for the Connecticut Film Festival, Jean has programmed for the Jacksonville Film Festival and Sundance Channel.



GASLAND available on HBO On Demand until 9/07/10

Rated TV PG / Run time: 107 minutes

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