HOMELAND Season 4 - Her Without HimOctober 11, 2014

HOMELAND Season 4 - Her Without Him

Homeland (SHO)

On Demand Weekly provides new reviews of hot movies and shows on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review:"Homeland" Season 4 (Showtime).

Seasons 2 and 3 of Homeland both started with Carrie in full lock-down psychiatric treatment. It would not have been surprising for Season 4 to start with Carrie in the hospital in full labor, but no, they skipped right over that and plunged us full into Carrie as Kabul Station Chief.

Carrie is already straining against the leash of her security team and wants to get out into the streets, but her staff is understandably not too happy with the attention an un-head-covered blonde walking around in a pant suit attracts. Back at her headquarters, Sandy (a buffed up Corey Stoll) is urging a hurried drone hit due to his never-been-wrong-before source. Carrie ok’s the hit, which of course kills numerous civilians and gets the ball rolling for Season 4’s Brody-free plot.


So how is our girl Carrie? She seems much stronger: confident and in charge. We see her taking her meds, although she is washing them down with Chardonnay, and needs a mouthguard, eyeshade and ear plugs to sleep. Yet when she successfully eludes her security team, we get to see The Smile for which Season 2’s first episode was named. That wonderful smile that Carrie just can’t contain when she is particularly pleased with herself.

Actually, we get to see that smile with some frequency this season (at least through the first 3 episodes). Carrie is feeling on top of her game, even when she screws up, she manipulates her way back into control. She even rather heartlessly uses Saul and Quinn’s love for her to get what she wants. I smell a big smackdown coming her way.



It might come from her sister. Sadly, the death of actor James Rebhorn means Carrie’s father gets one line to explain why he’s not around, but Amy Hargreaves is terrific as Carrie’s sister, juggling her own job/family issues while hoping Carrie will take some responsibility for her own child. The one day Carrie and Franny (her Brody-ginger haired daughter) spend together starts off tentatively well, but Carrie is fighting her maternal instinct tooth and nail.

We won’t get a smack down from Quinn. The fallout from the drone strike is the last straw for him. He wants out and he wants out NOW. But he settles for drinking his sorrows away and finding distraction in the arms of another woman.

Other fallout from the drone strike includes Suraj Sharma as a conflicted survivor of the attack, and lovely Nazanin Boniadi as Fara Sherazi, now magically transformed from financial analyst to in-the-field agent, and strangely without her hijab.

Although I expect major problems ahead for Carrie, I have to remember that Homeland plays a long game, and whatever I expect is not likely to happen. But the tension between being a mother and having a job that entails crossing names off a hit list has got to come to a head soon.

A big shout out to Amy Hubbard for casting. There are some non-traditional looks in Homeland that add a nice touch of reality. Excellent pacing and spare use of scoring keeps everything moving along well. The loss of Brody and his family have freed the creative team to explore ever more relevant issues. I’m looking very forward to the rest of this season!






- Jean Tait


Jean Tait is a contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. Currently the Director of Programming for the Connecticut Film Festival, Jean has programmed for the Jacksonville Film Festival and Sundance Channel.


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