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By T. Tara Turk


Now that Spring is whispering to you that it’s set to arrive any day now (don’t think of it as losing an hour but you’re gaining sunlight when you leave work!), wardrobe changes are not the only things you need to think about.

Though I am admittedly skeeved out by insects, I can’t help but watch Animal Planet On Demand’s show “Infested”! Spring brings critters, people! Do you really know what to do if you see massive amounts of lady bugs in your house followed by massive amounts of recluse brown spiders (who’s bites apparently can liquefy your skin)? Well, do you? If not and if you plan to fling the blinds and windows open, I suggest you catch a few episodes of Infested so you can remember the difference between rats and the cute rat from Ratatouille.

The set up of the show is like “Who The Bleep Did I Marry”? in that you have the actual person narrating their experience with some reenacting involved, including what might be rodent critter acting too. Not sure how they do that. There are about two to three scenarios presented in the fifty or so minutes of the show and while you might say that seems small, just remember that it’s the infestation that counts.

For example, one Pennsylvania family was overcome with German cockroaches and they had no idea what that even was. Perhaps my exposure to urban neighborhoods has hardened me on that one but I was beside myself during the episode with the raccoons. Raccoons! Cute on paper and in animated movies...epic tickets to Tragickstan in real life when in your house.


I think it’s best to face the pleasant and the not so pleasantries of upcoming lovely seasons. What better way to brace yourself than to watch other people’s infestations? My minor beef, and this has nothing to do with the show, is that sometimes they show parents who seem to wait a tad too long to make a decision on their gross and potentially dangerous situation. So basically, if a rat bites your foot, please know there are more rats who will bite your children eventually and decide your course of action soonest.



- T. Tara Turk

T. Tara Turk is a novelist/playwright/screenwriter, living in LA with her boyfriend and dog - all three successful TV addicts. You can find her at or follow her on Twitter @ttaraturk.
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