Jerry Seinfeld Drinks Coffee With Brian Regan And Joel HodgsonAugust 31, 2012

Jerry Seinfeld Drinks Coffee With Brian Regan And Joel Hodgson


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Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Brian Regan And Joel Hodgson

By T. Tara Turk


We’ve reached a bit of a plateau with Jerry and his comedians. Although I still think Jerry Seinfeld is hysterical, sometimes his comedy about nothing is simply nothing - the nothing like when you’re 12 and you just start giggling in the backseat of the car with your best friend and no else knows why nor do they care. They just think it’s sweet.

Joel Hodgson, the genius behind Mystery Science Theater, starts off these two weeks with a drive with Jerry in one of my favorite cars: a 1963 Volkswagen Karman Ghia. As soon as Joel gets in the car he says to Jerry:

“I knew you when you had one car! That’s how long I’ve known you!” Thus begin the journey to coffee with the two of them doing odd observations that feel a bit more forced than the others but just as enjoyable to Jerry. This coffee journey is more like two old friends who’ve probably made a ton of jokes together in the past, but we’ve just caught them on a regular day. The talk about “Mad Men”, the past, ketchup, Avatar and the good weirdness of New Jersey’s own Skylark Diner.


Jerry Seinfeld & Joel Hodgson / Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)

When they get to the parking lot, Jerry, one of the biggest car aficionados in the industry, comments how all the cars look the same.

Joel: Yep. They’re grinding all the edges, just like they’re doing to us.

Over coffee, they do a too long bit about how funny it is that ketchup sounds like a bodily function and what that conversation must have been like when addressing the ketchup CEO about it. I giggled a bit but after awhile I thought we could move on to something more...large. Like AVATAR! In the car on the way home, the two men discuss the epic movie and manage to even make me laugh about it.


Jerry Seinfeld & Joel Hodgson / Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)

Jerry: My favorite was the guy with the coffee cup in the helicopter...that was part of his breakfast. Killing people.
Joe: A taste of hell from on high.

Next we have Jerry picking up stand-up comedian Brian Regan whom I’ve never heard of but that’s possible since I have a phobia about comedians who aren’t funny which prevents me from trying new ones often. 


Jerry Seinfeld & Brian Regan / Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)


Brian is funny but this conversation with Jerry is even more insider than Joel as these two have been friends obviously for a long time. Actually so long that their conversation centers around jiggle toilet handles, unemployment and a new Spiderman villain. But first the car: a 1970 Dodge Challenger just like in the 70s movie VANISHING POINT.


Jerry Seinfeld / Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)

After a few quips about how Brian got into stand-up (short answer: he likes to sleep and is lazy), the two get into a long banter about how far up the request to “jiggle the bathroom thing” has gone up.

Brian: I mean has anyone ever said “Queen Elizabeth, you’re going to have to jiggle it after”?


Jerry Seinfeld & Brian Regan / Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Crackle)

On the way home, they come up with a Spiderman villain called The Convincer, complete with cackle. This car journey doesn’t stop though even though they stop taking us with them. They go off to get a donut. 


- T. Tara Turk

T. Tara Turk is a novelist/playwright/screenwriter, living in LA with her boyfriend and dog - all three successful TV addicts. You can find her at or follow her on Twitter @ttaraturk.

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