Kristin Scott Thomas in LEAVING - On DemandOctober 27, 2010

Kristin Scott Thomas in LEAVING - On Demand

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On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: Kristin Scott Thomas in LEAVING / "PARTIR"  (Sundance Selects).
By Amy Slotnick


Kristin Scott Thomas is once again captivating, brave and restrained in this powerful adult drama from French filmmaker Catherine Corsini.

LEAVING opens with the main character Suzanne (Kristin Scott Thomas) rising out of bed while a man sleeps beside her. She walks through a modern, expensive house and then a gunshot is heard.

With that the film opens, and we next see Suzanne in the kitchen, caring for her family and elegant household while a work man cleans out a shed. The interaction between Suzanne and the laborer, Ivan, is brief but significant enough to spark a connection. Suzanne and her husband Samuel co-exist without much affection and Suzanne privately contacts Ivan. This triggers a wildly ravenous affair between Suzanne and Ivan, an emancipation for Suzanne and a desperateness for them to be together.


Catherine Corsini (Sundance Selects)

The filmmakers accurately represent what it is like when the sexual chemistry between two people is so strong it is like a drug. Suzanne becomes quickly addicted to Ivan and, like an addict, she is willing to give up everything to have the high she gets from being with him. When she tells her husband she is in love with someone else, he demands that it stop. But of course Suzanne cannot stop, and ultimately leaves Samuel and her children.



Determined to get her back, Samuel uses his influence to block Suzanne and Ivan from any employment opportunities, and then has Ivan arrested for stealing art work that Suzanne took from their house. In order to save Ivan from returning to jail, Suzanne returns to her family as though it were her own version of prison.

We then return to the opening scene, realizing Suzanne and Samuel just made love for the first time since she has returned to him. Lacking any intimacy, Suzanne face is in pain as if she were being raped by her own husband. Then comes the gunshot. I won’t give away who shot what or whom but it is worth finding out for yourself.


Kristin Scott Thomas (Sundance Selects)

Though some of the script’s events are not completely plausible, Kristin Scott Thomas’ performance  is so captivating and complicated that you are swept up in her desperation and passion to be free.

- Amy Slotnick

Amy Slotnick
Amy Slotnick is a contributor to On Demand Weekly. She works as an independent producer and freelance consultant to film financing start-ups. Previously she was a Senior VP of Production at Miramax Films.

Look for LEAVING On Demand under Sundance Selects until 1/18/10
Running Time: 85 minutes / Rated TV MA




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