Mark Duplass’ Top 10 MoviesOctober 06, 2012

Mark Duplass’ Top 10 Movies

Mark Duplass

On October 4, 2011, Mark Duplass (DO-DECA PENTATHLON, YOUR SISTER'S SISTER) began tweeting daily movie recommendations available on Netflix (#netflix365). 365 days later, the daily tips from one of today's funniest and candid talents in front of and behind the camera concluded. For someone who wrote, starred, co-directed in multiple films and FX's "The League," where did he find the time?



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We salute Mark's effort with his Top 10 List. Let's hope he finds a new interest to cover soon (music, beer, antibacterial soaps, breaking down on set feuds #Marino #Kroll).

Mark Duplass 

Only 10 more @netflix recs before my full year of #netflix365 is up... gonna do a top ten list for the last 10 days...

#10: OLD JOY. Set in the Oregon Cascades, this lyrical, nostalgic tale of old friendship is heartbreaking. #netflix365

#9: HOOP DREAMS. 2 boys want to be NBA stars. Quite possibly the greatest sports doc of all time. #netflix365

#8: HALF NELSON. Ryan Gosling becomes a great actor in this moody drama about a drug-addicted teacher. #netflix365

#7: THE HORSE BOY. A couple journeys to Mongolia to help their autistic son in this beautiful/inspiring doc. #netflix365

#6: BUFFALO '66. Vincent Gallo wants to kill former Bill's kicker Scott Wood. Sad. Unique. Funny as hell. #netflix365

#5: MAN ON WIRE. In 1974, Philippe Petit walked a high wire bw NY's Twin Towers. Stunning, inspired doc. #netflix365

#4: KRAMER VS KRAMER. Streep/Hoffman in their prime as a divorced couple fighting for custody of their son. #netflix365


#3: THIS IS SPINAL TAP. Mockumentary brilliance from Chris Guest and company. This one goes to 11. #netflix365

#2: ROCKY. An underdog southpaw from Philly just wants to go the distance with the champ. Noble. Inspiring. #netflix365

and... the final #netflix365 of 365 days worth of @netflix recommendations is... drumroll...

#1: THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Bc the Coen Bros r an American treasure + the dude is my hero + the film is perfect. #netflix365

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