Mark Pellington - Director’s Statement: I MELT WITH YOUNovember 07, 2011

Mark Pellington - Director’s Statement: I MELT WITH YOU

Mark Pellington

Earlier this year Lars Von Trier wrote a "Director's Statement" for his new film MELANCHOLIA (Magnolia Pictures). On Demand Weekly published it upon the movie's video on demand release and commented more director's should do this.


Well lo and behold, Mark Pellington (GOING ALL THE WAY) has written one for his new film, I MELT WITH YOU, released last week on demand a full month before it will hit theaters.




Mark Pellington


I MELT WITH YOU was designed and conceived as an allegory about male friendship and failure, set inside the powerful bonds of memory and promise. I was interested in exploring how middle aged men become far different creatures than they imagined they would be, and how they deal with it.

It's the story of four men searching inside themselves and finding emptiness. The film was super low budget and driven by commitment and passion from all involved, and we shot it in 18 days in Big Sur. I worked on the script with its creator, the writer Glenn Porter, and we received input and support from executive producer Neil Labute.

The movie has aesthetic influences in 80's new wave/punk rock, and the aggressive cut up poetics of William Burroughs. It was inspired by the likes of Cassavetes' Husbands and Mike Leigh’s Naked. It is quasi-experimental, intense, and personal film for me, a 180 degree turn from my last work. We were all a team, a small band of actors and crew who took our collective influences and life experience and threw it into a harrowing experimental blender, exploring the vagaries of friendship, regret, shame, failure, greed, and the desperate search for hope.

It is a film that loves music and understands the role it plays in the highs and lows of life. It is a tale, on the surface, of old friends being confronted by their youthful promise, and shifts into an exploration of the dark side, the weakness of the male psyche and men who ultimately hide from themselves and their responsibilities.


Thomas Jane & Mark Pellington / I MELT WITH YOU (Magnolia)

At the end of the day I MELT WITH YOU is just a movie. However, it is not for the squeamish. It's the type of film that is going to generate controversy and garner deeply felt polarized reactions. I very much look forward to yours.


- Mark Pellington



I MELT WITH YOU was more of an emotional state I hoped to purge from my psyche with some form of therapy than a dramatic piece I expected to be seen by anyone. Specifically, it's a story about anti-heroes who never lived up to their own expectations, and come to believe, over the course of a drug-fueled weekend, there is one way they can honor the men they failed to become. It's the ultimate escapist fantasy. Generally, it's a story about men and their failures, lies, rationalizations, and the games of Peter Pan self-delusion they play and have to reconcile with in mid-life. We all dream big, but reality is usually less thrilling. The film, I think, also captures the joy of friendship for many guys born around the mid-sixties, which was often accompanied by music and altered states.


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