Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen’s TAKE THIS WALTZ Premieres On Demand Today!May 25, 2012

Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen’s TAKE THIS WALTZ Premieres On Demand Today!

Magnolia Pictures

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: TAKE THIS WALTZ (Magnolia Pictures).


The film where Michelle Williams really needs to get laid
By Kate Asche Wilson


The sweet melodies of indie rock cascade through your soul as Michelle Williams gently pours muffin mix into a pan. Suddenly it’s all too real, and she sits on the floor. No doubt pondering her very existence. This, my dear audience, is the beginning of an independent film. Brilliant actors, character driven plot, and the best water aerobics scene you’ll ever see make this movie into the artsy indie film it was always meant to be. If you enjoy pondering and Nietzsche look no further, TAKE THIS WALTZ is the perfect film for you.


Michelle Williams / TAKE THIS WALTZ (Magnolia Pictures)

Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, TAKE THIS WALTZ is director and writer Sarah Polley’s second feature film, and solidifies the fact that Polley prefers her films sad, independent, and Canadian. Her cast includes the lovely Michelle Williams as Margot our protagonist, and Seth Rogan as her lovable yet flawed husband.


Sarah Polley / TAKE THIS WALTZ (Magnolia Pictures)

We begin our story with Margot meeting a devastatingly handsome yet brash stranger at a ceremonial flogging. Ceremonial flogging? Yes, apparently in Canada this happens. Margot is a freelance writer who is afraid of flight connections, and Daniel (Luke Kirby) is exciting and, well, extremely handsome. Coincidentally Margot discovers that Daniel lives across the street from her and her husband of five years, Lou. How she never realized this before the audience will never know. Margot falls for Daniel while questioning her bland relationship with her husband, and ultimately struggles with the idea that she can never be truly happy with what she has. What follows is a journey that is so painfully realistic you can identify with Margot on almost every level, and yet still want to hit her in the face.


Luke Kirby, Michelle Williams / TAKE THIS WALTZ (Magnolia Pictures)

Now the only way to break down this film is to place it into these three categories: The good, the bad, and the artfully independent.

The Good:

The cast. Michelle Williams is an indie darling so casting her in anything artsy is cinematic gold. Proving herself to be a truly talented artist Williams has garnered three Oscar nominations for films such as BLUE VALENTINE and MY WEEK WITH MARILYN. In TAKE THIS WALTZ she tackles Margot with such simplicity that you can’t help but understand her character. In addition I would have never guessed that the man who starred in KNOCKED UP would be so perfectly cast in this film but Seth Rogan plays Lou so realistically that every time he’s on screen it breaks your heart.

The Bad:

Pacing. One thing I cannot stand is ridiculously slow pacing, and unfortunately independent films love it. TAKE THIS WALTZ is no exception. It gets so slow at some points that you just want to throw something at your screen. Seriously if slow pacing bothers you go watch FAST FIVE.

The Artfully Independent:

Some people view poignant dialogue as intriguing and meaningful, I sometimes view it as forced. There were many realistic moments in the film where I felt connected with the characters, and then there were moments when I thought Daniel was one second away from making Margot into a fancy skin suit. All I know is this film made me consistently ponder the question is this romantic or is this stalking?


Michelle Williams, Sarah Silverman / TAKE THIS WALTZ (Magnolia Pictures)

From chicken cookbooks to Sarah Silverman this film has a lot of great moments that are made even better by its wonderful cast. It is an entirely character driven piece, and though drags at times, portrays Margot’s journey as realistically as it can. There are no villains or heroes in this film, and that is exactly what it’s trying to achieve.




- Kate Asche Wilson


Kate Asche Wilson is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. She is a graduate from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University where she received a BA in Screenwriting. In her spare time Kate likes to take long walks on the beach, and watch telenovelas. Follow her on Twitter @KATEDOESLIFE!


TAKE THIS WALTZ (Magnolia) is in your local cable movies on demand section.


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