New Movies On Demand Preview: November 2013November 04, 2013

New Movies On Demand Preview: November 2013

Kate Asche Wilson

On Demand Weekly's Kate Wilson (@KateDoesLifegoes through all the new movies each month for her New Movies On Demand Preview.


November Movies On Demand November Movie on Demand Preview from Nick DeNinno on Vimeo.



November is here which means you’re either crazy excited for tryptophan induced food comas or terrified at the prospect of getting stabbed on black Friday for a tickle me Elmo. Either way your hectic November schedule can only improve if you sit down and take some me time. Maybe bake a pie? Or don’t and just buy one and then eat it while you watch a nice movie on demand. I have my top three picks right here.

@KateDoesLife’s Top November Movies On Demand:


THE WAY, WAY BACK- Premiers November 5
I love a good rom com and stoner comedy as much as the next girl, but most of the time they don’t quite hit your heart. That’s why the indy comedy was created, and THE WAY WAY BACK has everything a good film needs. Fourteen-year-old Duncan is a loner who can’t talk to girls has a flighty mom and a step dad who is the absolute worst. That itself screams coming of age but it proves to be so much more when Duncan finds an unlikely friendship with Owen, the manager of the Water Wizz Water Park. I’m slightly devastated this place doesn’t exist because I would totally get a summer job there. There are few films I see that I truly don’t want to end; THE WAY WAY BACK is one of them.
PG-13, Comedy, Steve Carell, Sam Rockwell, Weeks before Netflix & Redbox

THE WORLD’S END- Premiers November 19
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back to bring British humor into our dull dull lives. If you loved SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ which you should you’ll find this cheeky sci fi comedy the perfect end to the three flavors Cornetto trilogy. Following a group of five friends on an epic pub-crawl THE WORLD’S END takes us on a spiraling tale of alcoholism, foreshadowing pub signs, British banter, friendship, and robot invasion. Just your standard Saturday night shenanigans, and bonus for your viewing pleasure Pierce Brosnan is in it. James bond himself battling blue goo robots. You’re welcome!
R, Comedy, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

DEAR MR. WATTERSON- Premiers November 15
Is there anything better than Calvin and Hobbes? No. Your answer should be no because nothing is better than Calvin and Hobbes. DEAR MR.WATTERSON is a documentary that explores the cultural impact of the famous comic and it’s creator Bill Watterson. Now I’m not sure about you but as a young vibrant third grader I hated the fact that I couldn’t jump into my Sunday paper and go on crazy adventures with them, and quite frankly I’m still mad. So if you’re like me you have to see this film. It’s a lovely slice of nostalgia, and will remind you just how pissed you are that none of your stuffed animals ever came to life. Especially the tigers.
Documentary, Berekely Breathed, Seth Green

Well there you have it team! Remember to go to for all new Movies On Demand in November.

Also This Month...

GROWN UPS 2 – Premieres 11/5
PG-13, Comedy
Adam Sandler, Kevin James
same day as DVD

THE INTERNSHIP– Premieres 11/5
PG-13, Comedy
Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson
weeks before Netflix & Redbox

WHITE HOUSE DOWN – Premieres 11/5
PG-13, Action
Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx
same day as DVD

MAN OF STEEL – Premieres 11/12
PG-13, Action
Henry Cavill, Amy Adams
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox, available in 3D

2 GUNS – Premieres 11/19
R, Action
Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

WE'RE THE MILLERS – Premieres 11/19
R, Comedy
Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

GETAWAY – Premieres 11/26
PG-13, Action
Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

JOBS – Premieres 11/26
Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

RED 2 – Premieres 11/26
PG-13, Action
Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren
same day as DVD

TURBO – Premieres 11/26
PG, Animated
voices: Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti
weeks before Netflix & Redbox



- Kate Asche Wilson

Kate Asche Wilson is a contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. She is a graduate from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University where she received a BA in Screenwriting. In her spare time Kate likes to take long walks on the beach, and watch telenovelas. Follow her on Twitter @KATEDOESLIFE



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