New TeeVee Live RecapNovember 18, 2009

New TeeVee Live Recap

New TeeVee Live

On Demand Weekly recently attended the 3rd Annual New TeeVee Live conference in San Francisco. Here’s our take on what occurred.


3 topics that may affect ON Demand TV

1. Why besides Comcast, no other MVPDs [Time Warner, Cox, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish] had a presence @ NTVL?

ODW: Missed opportunity to speak to Silicon Valley?

2. Brian Fuhrer, SVP, Nielsen sees new digital video efforts (ie TV Everywhere) as "The Extended Screen."

ODW: How will they incorporate new technology into their ratings system?

3. Amy Banse, President of Comcast Interactive Media advocates for Nielsen to include On Demand & Time Shifting Views into their overall ratings?

ODW: Will they?


5 most interesting speakers at New TeeVee Live

1. Michael Gregory, Creator of of Auto-Tune in the News.

ODW: Are we looking at a future star?

2. Avner Ronen, CEO & Co-Founder of Boxee.

ODW: Will Boxee revolutionize video?

3. Quincy Smith, CEO of CBS Interactive.

ODW: What impact will Quincy have as an investor when he leaves CBS next month?

4. Amy Banse, President of Comcast Interactive Media.

ODW: Will Comcast’s TV Everywhere hold off Hulu? What will Comcast do if they buy NBC and a stake in Hulu?

5. Matt McRae, VP & GM of VIZIO.

ODW: Will VIZIO become the #1 TV Manufacturer in the US?


7 Best quotes from New TeeVee Live

1. "Desperate Housewives has an audience. Halo has a community." - Marc Whitten, GM of Xbox Live

2. "Writing a love song to woo the ladies is totally different than writing a song for Joe Biden." - Michael Gregory (Auto-Tune in the News)

3. " the next 2 - 3 years, you'll see big changes with the remote control." - Matt McRae, VP & GM of VIZIO

4. "Do you feel empowered by that shirt?" - Quincy Smith, CEO of CBS Interactive to Om Malik, Founder of GigaOm

5. "Is Netflix the ipod of broadband?" - Om Malik, hoping Reed Hastings (CEO, Netflix) would repeat officially. He didn't.

5. On engaging the passive viewer: "... the Couch Potato to Throwing Tomato." - Nzik Cohen, CEO of Clip Sync

7. “Don't under estimate the massive passive." - Erik Flannigan, EVP of Digital Media, MTVN.


- Britt Bensen


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