On Demand News & Links - 12/21December 21, 2009

On Demand News & Links - 12/21

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ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.

Comcast launches 100th VOD day and date with DVD

“More than 100 times this year, there was no faster way to watch a new release movie at home than with Comcast On Demand,” said Derek Harrar, senior VP/general manager of video and entertainment services for Comcast. “We pioneered day and date, so we’re thrilled that our studio partners were able to nearly triple our day-and-date movie offerings in favor of our customers.”...(Video Business)


Independent Film in 2009: An Analysis Through Quarter 3

Turning to (Video On Demand) distributors, the most prolific were Magnolia Pictures, IFC Films, and Sony. In Q1-Q3, Magnolia released 21 new specialty titles, followed by IFC with 19, and Sony with 17, mostly through Sony Pictures Classics. The next closest was Here Films with 11. Signifying the rise of video-on-demand (VOD), all of IFC’s releases, and nearly half of Magnolia’s, were released in tandem with a VOD release......(Blogger News Network)


A Christmas (and Hanukah) List to Help Save Independent Film

Support Indie Films on Video On Demand. An emerging distribution outlet for many indies is day and date VOD, in which the film is available in a few theaters across the US and simultaneously available on VOD. Unfortunately, many VOD menus favor studio films and make it difficult to find independents. However, if you look, you can find them. Check out IFC, Film Buff and other new independently oriented VOD channels. When you find a new film, invite your friends over and watch it together one night this holiday season. By initiating yourself and your friends into the VOD experience, hopefully you will continue to use it as a way to watch independent movies which will in turn support them...(Huffington Post)


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