On Demand News & Links - 2/3February 03, 2010

On Demand News & Links - 2/3

Linda R. Chen/Miramax Films

On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.Industry.

Talking About a Revolution (for a Digital Age)

This year’s Sundance was abuzz about entries that were available for rental on YouTube or through video on demand during the festival, as filmmakers try out new ways to make an impact. These small-screen efforts have met with skepticism even while reaping the expected publicity, because it’s unclear how they might affect a movie’s distribution chances post-festival.

Now, as the independent cinema nurses its Hollywood hangover, the future remains unclear even as one message is getting louder: It is time to blow the whole thing up..... (New York Times)

Sundance: Is video-on-demand the future of indie film? For titles like 'The Freebie' and 'Bass Ackwards,' yes
I can say that Bass Ackwards will be available in millions of homes in exactly four days, on Feb. 1, via cable VOD. It’s the kind of truly and redemptively quirky cinema that adventurous moviegoers will be grateful to see. And happy to demand… (EW)

Film Execs look at the state of Indie Distribution
“People go to the movies to get away from their daily lives. What is selling now is comfort food movies. We have had movies that did under $20,000 at the box office but did a million dollars in sales on VOD” – Eamonn Bowles, President, Magnolia Pictures ...  (The Global Film Village)

The Doctors Are In: Sundance Ponders New Distribution Solutions
Based on general information garnered among a variety of sources, it’s widely known that in some cases VOD can generate as many as 200,000 buys on the highest end for the sort of films released by companies in this sector... (Indiewire)

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