On Demand Weekly Exclusive: 1/2 REVOLUTION Trailer (Focus World)October 01, 2012

On Demand Weekly Exclusive: 1/2 REVOLUTION Trailer (Focus World)

Focus World

Focus World presents, 1/2 REVOLUTION, an action-packed, visually stunning, and unique document of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. As protestors face increasingly brutal police resistance, filmmakers create a breathtaking, on-the-ground view into history as it unfolds.

Omar, a Danish filmmaker, arrives in Cairo on January 24, 2011 – one day before the history making revolution begins. Staying with a friend and fellow filmmaker near Tahrir Square, the two take to the streets and begin to document the action. As the heavily armed and brutal police move in, the directors and their group of friends, using a combination of stunning HD footage with a variety of other discovered sources, provide a breathtaking lens into the dangers faced by those who partook in the uprising, and create an incredibly gripping and personal story from the Arab Spring.


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1/2 REVOLUTION Premieres On Demand October 9, 2012.

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