On Demand Weekly’s VOD Twitter Top 100 ListOctober 11, 2012

On Demand Weekly’s VOD Twitter Top 100 List

As the Video On Demand (VOD) industry continues to grow, so does the amount of information and who shares it. And where better than on Twitter? It’s become a nearly inseparable part of how to build awareness of programming and a platform for reader interaction, both consumer and trade. On Demand Weekly (@OnDemandWeekly) and our writers read and post to our Twitter feeds all day.

So we put together a list of VOD’s Twitter Top 100 List (concentrating on Movies On Demand – MOD), the first of its kind for VOD to our knowledge. Much like Sports Illustrated’s Sports Twitter Top 100, ODW’s Top 100 is comprised of suggestions from staff and a poll of colleagues in the industry. We broke them up in categories, in alphabetical order.


The list does not include any ODW staff, but you can follow them here: ODW WRITERS.



Hopefully you’ll find a few to follow from the list. Let us know what you think @OnDemandWeekly.



Edward Burns @edward_burns 
Making movies anyway I can
- Burns has turned to twitter and other social media networks to promote and crowdsource elements of recent day-and-date releases: NICE GUY JOHNNY, NEWLYWEDS and THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS in November ’12 (Tribeca Film).


Kirsten Dunst ‏@kirstendunst

Actress/home owner/lover of cats
- Starring in some of VOD’s day-and-date / pre-theatrical’s biggest grossers (BACHELORETTE, MELANCHOLIA, ALL GOOD THINGS), Dunst is the Queen of VOD.
Sample tweet: I'm going to have a red carpet in my mom's living room for the VOD premiere of #Bachelorette


Mark Duplass @MarkDuplass 
i play pete on THE LEAGUE and my brother jay and i make movies like THE PUFFY CHAIR, BAGHEAD, CYRUS, THE DO-DECA-PENTATHLON, and JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME.
- Mark and his brother Jay are co-creators of several VOD titles (most recently THE DO-DECA PENTHALON). Mark has taken to twitter including a year’s worth of film recommendations available on Netflix (#netflix365).
Sample tweet: Top 10 @netflix rec #1: THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Bc the Coen Bros r an American treasure + the dude is my hero + the film is perfect. #netflix365


Harry Shearer @theharryshearer 
Derek Smalls, check. Burns, check. Dir. of The Big Uneasy, now on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, check. New album Can't Take a Hint on iTunes/Amazon, check.
- Shearer used twitter to promote his doc THE BIG UNEASY.


Joe Swanberg @joe_swanberg 
filmmaker, beermaker, family man
- Swanberg seems to be one of the few filmmakers truly embracing the VOD platform., building his filmography one title at a time.


Zachary Quinto ‏@ZacharyQuinto 
- Quinto was the driving force behind last year’s successful day-and-date title, MARGIN CALL (Roadside. It’s VOD gross raised eyebrows.


Rebel Wilson ‏@RebelWilson 
Actress / writer / comedienne! Likes include: theme parks, mermaids, pink backgrounds.
- The recent star of PITCH PERFECT took to twitter to promote BACHELORETTE (RadiusTWC), one of on demand’s biggest winners.


Chely Wright ‏@chelywright 
Official Twitter for Recording Artist, Author and Activist Chely Wright.
- Told ODW about releasing her doc WISH ME AWAY on demand: “It’s the most exciting. My goal all along was to have this movie at the touch of the fingertips. It was my profound belief that people need to dial this at home when they’re ready to show it to a family member or someone they care about and share the discussion.



See the latest Independent Movie On Demand (IMOD) Trailers here...



Sheri Candler ‏@shericandler 
Marketing/engagement media strategist for indie film
- Creator of #filmin140 twitterthons


Nick DeMartino ‏@nickdemartino 
CONSULTANT in Media & Technology. www.nickdemartino.net. Former Senior Vice President, American Film Institute
- Nick’s tweets are a barometer of what is happening in VOD & digital distribution.


Cassian Elwes ‏@cassianelwes 
Make and sell movies
- Perhaps the most candid man in Hollywood on twitter.
Sample tweet: #margincall has proven that the future of vod has arrived and every small distributor is pointing at us and saying 'see what's possible'.


Ted Hope ‏@TedHope 
Working together with you & the SF Film Society,we are going to build a better world for ambitious film. Right?
- Hope preaches need for new film models and that greater accessibility provides more diversity.


Malaika Mose ‏@malaikamose 
Blogging about online film distribution. Digital consultant for AFFRM. I also work for a top 100 company and my tweets are my own.
- A fresh, new voice covering digital distribution.


Erick Opeka ‏@ErickOpeka 
VP of Digital Distribution for Cinedigm, one of the largest indie film & TV distributors worldwide. I tweet about digital entertainment.
- Does anyone tweet more about happenings in film & VOD?


Jon Reiss ‏@Jon_Reiss 
Filmmaker/Author/Strategist. Founder of Hybrid Cinema.
- Jon’s been on both sides of making and covering films.
Sample tweet: @TedHope I agree with @jon_reiss that it's not the PMD -- it is better named the Marketing & Distribution Producer. MDP is more accurate.


(releasing movies on demand as 1st window, pre-theatrical, or day-and-date)...


Drafthouse Films ‏@drafthousefilms 
Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm of @drafthouse


Eurocinema ‏@EurocinemaTV 
Television's home for European and International boxoffice films. The best of award winning films from all over Europe.

FilmBuff ‏@FilmBuff 
FilmBuff = 3 parts movie love, 1 part wit, a dash of pop culture. Then stir...

Film Movement ‏@Film_Movement 
Join the Movement and support indie & foreign films.

Gravitas Ventures ‏@GravitasVOD 
Video on Demand distribution partner for indy producers and directors; optimistic Cleveland Cavs, Indians, Browns fans

IFC Films ‏@IFCFilms 
The leading US distributor of the best in independent and world cinema.

Magnet Releasing ‏@MagnetReleasing 
Magnet is the premiere genre film distributor & sister company of @MagnoliaPics.

Magnolia Pictures ‏@MagnoliaPics
Magnolia is the premiere VOD/theatrical indie film distributor.

Millennium Ent‏ @Millennium_Ent 
Millennium Entertainment distributes great independent films.

New Video @NewVideoDigital 
We distribute movies, and lots of documentaries. Most of our posts are highly biased... but honest, we love the films we release.

Oscilloscope Labs ‏@OscopeLabs 
We're distributing films to raise money to complete work on a time machine.

Phase 4 Films ‏@Phase4Films 
Phase 4 Films distributes feature films, television and special interest content across all media in the North American market.

Radius-TWC ‏@RadiusTWC 
Radius-TWC is dedicated to making the highest quality films available where, when, and how you want them.

Roadside Attractions @roadsidetweets 
Roadside Attractions is the distributor of such films as Winter's Bone, Super Size Me, Margin Call and The Cove.

Screen Media Films ‏@ScreenMediaFilm 
Independent film distribution company. Visit www.screenmediafilms.net for more info.

SnagFilms @SnagFilms 
Stream over 3,000 films for FREE on SnagFilms.com. Or watch anytime, anywhere on your iPad, Kindle Fire, Blackberry tablets, and Android smartphones & devices.

SundanceNOW ‏@SundanceNOW 
With SundanceNow, you can rent and buy the best in contemporary and classic independent films from all over the world.

SundanceSelects ‏@SundanceSelects

Tribeca Film ‏@TribecaFilm 
With 30+ titles released each year on VOD and in theaters, Tribeca Film helps you discover the best in independent film, all year long.

WolfeOnDemand ‏@wolfeondemand 
WolfeOnDemand.com is the worldwide LGBT movie-watching platform





Arianne Ayers @airyayers 
Director of Publicity/Marketing-Magnolia Pictures/Magnet Releasing.
- Her Twitter avatar if Higgins from “Magnum PI”. Where would Magnolia Pictures be without her?

Jeff Cuban ‏@JeffCuban 
What I do: I work for Mark Cuban: VOD Movies before they're in theatres (Magnolia Pictures)
- Outspoken voice of Magnolia Pictures.


Matt Dentler ‏@MattDentler 
SXSW a few years ago. Cinetic FilmBuff after that. And now a fruit company.
- Film festival, distributor, now VOD platform experience. Matt has his finger on the pulse. Check out his music picks too.

Liza Fefferman ‏@LizaFeff 
Executive Vice President, Publicity RADiUS-TWC. Indie film lover and die hard NY Jets fan
- New head of PR for RadiusTWC.

Debra Fisher ‏@debrasfisher 
Oscilloscope Laboratories, digital film distribution
Sample tweet: Kanye and I had totally different Cannes' experiences.

Geoffrey Gilmore @GeoffreyGilmore 
Independent film advocate/programmer/academic with interests in media, festivals, politics, ideas, & sports
Sample tweet: @NickDemartino piece really does explain The Difference Between Connected TV, Social TV & Expanded TV: http://bit.ly/p0gsgK

Evan Husney ‏@evanhusney 
Director of @DrafthouseFilms and is a obscuro movie devourer whose controversial obsessions also include Rush, '80s wrestling, and fantasy
Sample tweet:: I was just contacted by the director of COCAIN COWBOYS about receiving the new MIAMI CONNECTION 1-sheet.

Jason Janego ‏@jasonjanego 
Co-President of RADiUS-TWC
Sample tweet:: A plethora of choices for you at home tonight: #Butter or #Pusher or #SolomonKane or #Bachelorette! @RadiusTWC

Kristin McCracken ‏@kmc1213 
VP Digital Media, Tribeca / Editor, TribecaFilm.com.
Sample tweet:: Looking forward to conducting my first @filmwax podcast filmmaker interview tomorrow. Andrea Arnold's #wutheringheights is sensuous and raw.

Thom Powers ‏@thompowers 
Festival curator at @tiff_net, @docnycfest, @stfdocs, @montclairff, @miamifilmfest + Doc Club on @sundancenow.
- What doesn’t he curate?

Kent Sanderson  @MrKentSanderson 
Director, Alternative Content & Distribution at Focus Features / Focus World.
Sample tweet: with those reviews for TAKEN 2, Fox should rename is ALSO TAKEN to get it better placement on VOD

Ryan Werner‏ @ryanwernernyc12 
- Sundance Channel. Shooting Gallery. Magnolia. IFC Films. Ryan is a sharp curator of modern film.

Tom Quinn ‏@aloompanix 
I run, watch movies, go to restaurants, work at RadiusTWC.
Sample tweet: VOD got sexy all of a sudden.




Brian Sullivan @sullytml 
VP Sales @ Laundry Service, Executive Producer @ The Movie Loft.

- Producer of monthly MOD Preview show.

CTAM blends a razor-sharp focus on cable telecommunications marketing with a penchant for bringing smart people together.

- Annual CTAM conference features VOD segment.

iN Demand @iNDEMANDNetwrks 
Cable's biggest distributor of Movies On Demand and PPV movies, sports and events.

Movies On Demand @MoviesOnDemand 
Rent Hollywood's biggest movies, right from your remote! Just push the button.
- Cable Movies On Demand voice.

Watch It! @GoWatchIt 
One Queue, Any Platform. Search for movies & get alerted when they're available on any service.

- Home to Recommendation Channels by Roger Ebert, The New York Times and On Demand Weekly.



Click Here To Watch The Best Independent Movies On Demand

ODW Watch It IMOD Channel



Tara Ariano @TaraAriano 
I try be good hard worker man, but refrigemator so messy. So, so messy.
- Pens monthly VOD overview with YouTube trailers on Grantland.com

Roger Ebert ‏@ebertchicago 
Film critic since time immemorial.
- Home to The Demanders too.

Filmspotting: SVU @FilmspottingSVU 
Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit is a biweekly podcast, hosted by @alisonwillmore and @mattsinger, about the world of online movies.
- Covering MOD one podcast at a time.

Hammer to Nail ‏@hammertonail 
The home for ambitious film
- Check out their monthly MOD coverage.

Indiewire ‏@indiewire 
Proud to be the 2012 Webby Award Winner in the Movie and Film category.
- Home to Anne Thompson, CriticWire, VODetails and more VOD coverage.

Terra King ‏@OregonFilmFun 
I write about films, DVDs, TV, The Titanic, Paranormal Web/TV, Independent film, Web Series and The Golden Age of Hollywood.
- One of the 1st critics to review movies on demand.

Scott Macaulay @FilmmakerMag 
Editor, Filmmaker Magazine, and independent film producer. Opinions posted are my own.
- Look for their monthly indie movies on demand preview.


Leonard Maltin @leonardmaltin 
Film Critic and Historian. My daughter told me I had to get a twitter account so here I am.
He’s everywhere promoting movies on demand (Reelz Channel, Indiewire & xfinity on demand).


Matt Singer @mattsinger 
I run a blog, a podcast, and a moderately functional life.
Sample tweet: VODetails: 'Pusher' 

Time Out Chicago @TimeOutChicago 
What's new and next on the city's arts and culture scene.
- One of the few mainstream outlets frequently featuring VOD. 
Sample tweet: New on VOD: A doc chronicles the last four hours in the life of LCD Soundsystem




Broadcasting & Cable ‏@bcbeat 
B&C is the authoritative news source for the business of television.

- Manages annual OnDemand Summit and Next TV Summit.

Deadline Hollywood @NikkiFinke 
Deadline.com's official Twitter feed, with all the breaking news in the entertainment business, film, TV and more.
Q&A: Radius-TWC Presidents Tom Quinn And Jason Janego On How Multi-Platform Is Changing The Indie World


Ben Fritz ‏@benfritz 
Film business reporter for @latimes with occasional dives into video games.
- Now playing at a living room near you

Home Media Magazine ‏@HomeMediaMag 
Home entertainment industry news about studios and independent content suppliers, retailers and distributors of DVD, Blu-ray Disc and electronic content

Brent Lang @BrentALang 
Film reporter @thewrap.

LAT Company Town ‏@LATcompanytown 
The business behind the show: Industry news from @latimes.

Multichannel News  @MultiNews 
The cable industry book of record.

NewTeeVee @NewTeeVee 
@gigaom's guide to the reinvention of television: on-demand, OTT, everywhere.
- NewTeeVee covers the tech scene which includes coverage of new VOD announcements.

Todd Spangler ‏@xpangler 
Technology Editor, Multichannel News
- Go to trade reporter for cable VOD industry.

Andrew Stewart @Variety_Stewart 
Variety's Andrew Stewart--covering the world of theatrical box office, indies and all things regarding exhibition and distribution.

The Hollywood Reporter ‏@THR 
The Hollywood Reporter (THR) is the premier destination and most widely-trusted resource for entertainment news, reviews, videos and analysis

Andrew Wallenstein ‏@awallenstein 
Variety scribe and NPR commentator, all-knowing seer for TV and digital media

Variety @Variety 
Variety is the premier source of entertainment news since 1905.

Will Richmond @VideoNuzeNews 
VideoNuze is the leading online publication specializing in online and mobile video.
- Will is a reliable source on the tech & business side of VOD.

TheWrap.com @TheWrap 
Founded by @sharonwaxman, TheWrap (un)covers the naked truth about Hollywood.




Amazon Instant Video ‏@AmazonVideo 
Official Twitter feed of Amazon Instant Video. Follow us for deals, freebies, new releases and updates on 100,000+ movies and TV shows. Watch online or on TV.

Cox Communications @coxcomm 
The official Cox Communications Twitter page! Follow us for tweets about digital video, voice & high-speed Internet.

iTunes Movies ‏@iTunesMovies 
Official movie updates from the U.S. iTunes Store on Twitter.

Netflix US ‏@netflix 
Official Netflix US twitter channel. World's largest subscription service for movies and TV.

Time Warner Cable @TWC 
Comedy, Drama, Sports, Gaming. Whatever you're passionate about, Time Warner Cable invents better ways to share it, get lost in it, and love it even more.
Sample tweet: Looking for a mystery thriller? Watch #TheRaven available now #OnDemand.

VUDU, Inc. ‏@vudufans 
VUDU is a consumer electronics company that delivers over 15,000 movies and TV show titles in the best HD quality available over the Internet.

Xfinity TV ‏@xfinity_tv 
We’re XFINITY TV, providing instant access to the latest TV shows and movies on XFINITY On Demand, TV, online, and the XFINITY App!

Sample tweet:  We're celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on XFINITY On Demand: specials,movies, kids programming & more. Top Picks>Hispanic Heritage #HHM




The NPD Group @npdgroup 
The NPD Group, founded in 1967, is the leading global provider of consumer and retail market research information for a wide range of industries
- 44% of Internet Video On Demand movie rental orders were made by men aged 25-44, compared to 21% of cable VOD rentals

Rentrak @Rentrak 
A trusted provider of advanced multi-screen audience measurement and media research services for the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry.
- Weekly Top 10 Most Watched Cable Movies On Demand Essentials Report

SNL Kagan ‏@SNLKagan 
From TV network data and the movie industry to the business of radio and internet media, SNL Kagan covers it all.



Bachelorette @Bachelorettemov 
Three best friends reunite as bridesmaids in NYC ready to party the night before the wedding, but events spiral out-of-control.
- Ideal plot & cast for pre-theatrical movie on demand and twitter account.

Margin Call @margincallmovie 
JC Chandor's debut film with K. Spacey, P. Bettany, J. Irons, Z. Quinto, P. Badgley, S. Baker, M. McDonnell, D. Moore, S. Tucci.
- One of the first day-and-date movies on demand to utilize VOD properly.

Sleepwalk With Me @sleepwalkmovie 
A comedy as good as the best episode of This American Life, but funnier. Seriously
- 3 words: VOD Pizza Parties.




Fantastic Fest @fantasticfest 
Sept 20 - 27, 2012 in Austin, TX. Fantastic Fest is the largest genre film festival in the U.S.
Sample tweet: #fantasticfest 2012 crowd favorite PUSHER is now available on iTunes and VOD, in theaters October 26.

SundanceFilmFestival @sundancefest 
We find, love and share the best independent culture in the world.

SXSW @sxsw 
Official user of the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Conferences and Festivals

TribecaFilm Festival @TribecaFilmFest 
Tribeca: where film, culture, and storytelling intersect.



Team Coco @TeamCoco 
Official news & info tweets from Team Coco headquarters.

Late Night @LateNightJimmy 
The official Twitter for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on @nbc.

Guests include: Susan Sarandon (ARBITRAGE).


Jimmy Kimmel Live @JimmyKimmelLive 
Follow Jimmy on his personal twitter!

Guests include: Keanu Reeves (SIDE BY SIDE)

LIVEKellyandMichael @KellyandMichael 
The official “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael” Twitter page! Be the first to know the latest from the show.

Guests include: Elizabeth Olsen (LIBERAL ARTS)


Eamonn Bowles
Bob & Harvey Weinstein
Tom Bernard, Michael Barker and Marcie Bloom

Melanie Miller

Ted Sarandos

Jeff Bezos



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