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RED CLIFF (148 min)

Kick ass action filmmaker John Woo and international superstar Tony Leung reunite for the first time since the under-rated classic HARD BOILED (1992) in Red Cliff, an epic historical drama., based on a legendary battle during the last days of China’s Han Dynasty (208 A.D.), Red Cliff opens as power hungry General Cao Cao seeks permission from the Emperor to destroy the two troublesome warlords who stand in his way.

Cao Cao's troops forge ahead forcing the two rival tribes to fight together and sets the stage for war hero Zhou Yu (Tony Leung), changing the face of China forever.

Red Cliff is the most expensive Asian film production of all time and a huge hit in Asia. No guns as one would expect from a John Woo film, but plenty of action. I hope you have a large HD TV.

"A GRAND-SCALE WAR MOVIE." - Terrnce Rafferty (The New York Times)



See it on VOD before it’s in theaters. $9.99. HD R. Available only until 11/19/2009

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