Shakira Shakes Video On DemandDecember 22, 2009

Shakira Shakes Video On Demand


The year might almost be over for us but Shakira's 2009 is still going on.  Five months after her latest disc - She Wolf - was released, Shakira teamed up with Comcast on December 15th to provide her fans, her soon-to-be-fans, and those who are just curious a special Shakira channel on Comcast On Demand available through December 31, 2010.

“On Demand allows another way for me to connect with my fans,” said Shakira. “My American fans can now see and hear me whenever they like."


The videos offered contain every single phase of her career, from Spanish singing folk-pop singer to scantily clad belly dancing vixen to her current status as globally famous dance-pop queen.  Among many of the songs offered by Comcast On Demand are:


-Hips Don't Lie
-Whenever, Wherever
-Underneath Your Clothes

-Que Me Quedes Tú
-La Tortura
-Las de La Intuición
-Don't Bother
-Give it Up to Me
-She Wolf

Her On Demand channel will show all of her biggest hits plus the biography section of her "Live and Off the Record" DVD and a two hours of concert footage from her Oral Fixation Tour.  And for those of you who want to watch each and every video from A to Z without having to deal with clicking in and out of videos, Comcast on Demand is featuring one big continuous video consisting of every one of the offered videos so you can watch them all the way through.  

As for her music, well, how many other people can say they've worked with Rick Rubin, Gloria Estefen's husband Emilio, Wyclef Jean, and the Neptunes?  Her music is Latin pop fused with traditional middle-eastern music fused with state-of-the-art dance music fused with rock music fused with folk music and with everything from Bollywood to Andean flute music thrown in for good measure.  It's a little poppy, a little global, a little dance-y, a little eclectic, and a little kooky, as befitting someone who speaks five languages and wrote her first poem at the age of four.  She also produces and co-produces most of her own music and often choreographs her own dance moves.  


"One of today's hottest stars Shakira is capping a phenomenal year of exclusive Comcast On Demand music events that also featured U2, Green Day, Taylor Swift and others," said Derek Harrar, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video and Entertainment Services for Comcast.  "The great news is that we built momentum with the music industry this year so 2010 will be even better."

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TV PG HD Available until: 12/31/10


- Jon Shurkin

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