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By Joe Charnitski


I visited the Apple Store near Central Park shortly after the untimely passing of Steve Jobs. I wanted to see the memorials and the crowds for myself. There were dozens, maybe hundreds of people either standing silently, as if at a sacred site, or slowly streaming by, rubber necking to see the many cards, bouquets and, of course, apples that had been strewn along the front of the store in memoriam.

I was a little surprised at the substantial outpouring of sadness from young and old set off by Jobs’ death. Not because I didn’t consider him a significant figure in our new century and the previous, or that I didn’t appreciate the contributions of his products, his vision and, not to be overlooked, his treasured “Think Different” campaign of the late-90s. I assumed the response would mirror the reaction to the death of any beloved celebrity. This, instead, felt like a national tragedy.

I was similarly surprised by the one-hour documentary STEVE JOBS: ONE LAST THING. It starts off as a fairly routine “before he was famous” story. We go back to Jobs’ home town, walk the streets he grew up on, meet the friends he knew then. Everyone talks about how Steve was something special. They all knew he would do great things one day. Nothing shocking here.

As the film goes on, though, I couldn’t help but find it compelling, because Jobs is so damn compelling. His resilience is so compelling. The film includes a few interviews Jobs had done over the years. In one of them, when he was much younger, he describes the important moment he realized that everything around him that we call “life” was created by people no smarter than him, or any of us he demands. Once you understand that, Jobs insists, you realize that you can do anything, and then you do.


I already knew about the ups-and-downs of Steve Jobs professional life: founder of Apple, resigns from Apple, struggles for a bit, lands at Pixar, returns to Apple for his greatest successes; and, the film doesn’t add very much color to his personal side. So, if you’re looking for the untold story, this doc won’t provide it.

There is an interesting theme early in the picture of Forrest Gump-type characters entering Jobs’ life. There’s the childhood friend who introduced Jobs to long time parter Steve Wozniak. Without that guy, maybe it all wouldn’t have happened. There’s also the investors and early employees who were offered a piece of this new company called Apple, but passed on the opportunity. The “what-might-have-beens” are not without charm.

It was also great fun to watch Jobs interact with friend/rival Bill Gates in a interview they had done together in front of a live audience. I would have loved more of that. The two of them telling stories, clearly respecting each other, and resenting each other and so thankful to have been challenged by each other.

Apart from the subject matter, the construction of the doc is ok. A series of inter-titles seem unnecessary and some stock footage clips are reused over and over to a noticeable extent - why so many New York skyline shots for a Steve Jobs story, by the way?

I’m writing this review on a MacBook as my iPod fills the room with music. This film made me think about my first interaction with an iMac, or iTunes, or the sense that consumer electronics had changed for good after the iPhone was released on an eager public. Steve Jobs was everything he encouraged us to be. When a visionary is lost, it truly is a national tragedy. The memorials are well deserved. This little documentary is a worthy tribute.





Joe Charnitski

- Joe Charnitski
Joe Charnitski is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. His career in film and television production, development and marketing has included stops at Miramax Films, Syfy and VH1. He currently works at a entertainment focused social media marketing agency in New York City. Twitter: @JoeCharnitski


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