T Tara On Demand - BollywoodJanuary 26, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Bollywood

T Tara Turk

Back 2 BollywoodFitTV On Demand
I know “Slumdog Millionaire” is old news but I was watching Bollywood movies before even knew that song from the movie that never leaves your head. I’m convinced black people and Indians have some kind of rhythm connection. I mean they dance like Michael Jackson (RIP).
Back 2 Bollywood is not your average Fit TV mainstreamed out class. This is taught by a real woman in a sari with some women in saris behind her and some guys in tunics. Interesting that we are stretching first and then going into the dancing. I’m a stretch fiend so you don’t hear me complaining. I wish stretching burned calories.
They are having FUN and so am I! Lots of skipping, kicks, hand raises, hip movement and finger articulation. This woman is lots of energy and I think I hear some “wha wha” from the back folks too. Raise the roof with your imaginary scarves in your hands! Surprisingly I’m out of breath a bit.
She just taught me some vocabulary words too but I can’t understand them and I’ll just mispronounce them later. The workout is only 27 minutes but this is a routine that actually seems like you’ll break out at the next wedding you get invited to. Smooth moves. Just clear some space or you’re going to kick somebody.
t.tara turk is a writer living in LA, navigating the world of "writing for a living" minimally. She maintains a blog at www.ttaraturk.com while working on screenplays, fiction and plays.
Back 2 Bollywood
Available on Fit TV On Demand until 1/26/2010
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