T Tara On Demand - Carmen Electra Vegas StripteaseJanuary 27, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease

T Tara Turk

Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease
Exercise TV On Demand
Who says exercise should be all ouch and trainer screams? Is it possible that stripteasing can make you burn some calories? With the popularity of striptease classes, I figured I might as well try it for free in the privacy of my own home. Carmen Electra is infamous for many things but I’m not sure her DVDs are among them.
She begins with some hip rocks and lots of body touching. This doesn’t feel like working out. It feels like when I was 12 and I sang in my hairbrush with my best friend. I’ll be honest. This isn’t working out. I can’t do any of these moves without laughing hysterically (ab workout, anyone?) but this routine is just that. A routine. And it’s only 14 minutes.
I think you’d have to do this about 400 times in a row in order to see anything. Maybe it would be better to dance along with the new kids from the new “Fame” since it just hit the VOD queue.
I got distracted and somehow she’s still doing what I left her doing before. Definitely not going to get rid of that Reese’s cup I just ate.
Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease
Available on Exercise TV On Demand until 2/2/2010
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