T Tara On Demand - PilatesJanuary 25, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Pilates

T Tara Turk

My name is Tara and I’m a couch workout addict. I can admit it. I like to think of new exercises to do while watching endless “Law & Order” episodes. The boyfriend is mad because my exercise DVDs are breeding. I’m banned from buying anymore from Ebay or Collage. What’s a girl to do? I figure if I’m already paying for cable, I might as well browse through the stuff nobody knows they have: Video On Demand (VOD)! I used to think that it was just full of movies nobody heard of before but necessity has given me a new addiction! For free.
Which brings me to now.
If you’re like me, the holidays brought a wrath on your wallet and your ability to say “no” to the second, fourth and maybe sixth helping of leftovers, mall treats and last year’s Halloween candy that never goes away. It’s my goal to use this remote to shrink my thighs. Who’s with me?
Nicole Stewart – Pilates Makeover
Exercise TV On Demand
What’s the appeal? 12 minutes towards legs like Rhianna. Who’s giving it to me? A red haired Cindy Brady who looks just so happy to kill me with her detailed Pilates instruction. It’s just Nicole in the studio which cuts down on my ADD (I like to search for faces of confusion on DVDs. So kill me). The music is not so offensive. The repetitious beat you normally hear when you come into the gym or maybe the wack clothing store at the mall.  The whole thing is on the mat, focusing on the legs. The usual Pilates leg circles, leg lifts, knee and toe touches.
However, if you know Pilates, you know the usual can kill you on your way to your goal of great legs. Even if you’re being instructed by a perky former cheerleader type. How is she able to do these torturous moves, talk and breathe at the same time? My saving grace is that there is a timer at the top left of the screen. My nemesis is that timer when she’s making me hold my leg up suspended in mid air.  She says she’s going to “sculpt that booty” which I don’t want her to ever say again however she is kind enough to let me massage out my pain.
All in all, it was a fine 12 minutes of VOD goodness. I feel like I’d have to do this at least four more times in order to have the awesome legs she promised. Before I know it, I’m watching the Ziploc ending commercial and just realizing that there was only one ad at the bottom of the screen the whole 12 minutes. It was like the Flash, this work out. It’s good Exercise TV has stuff for beginners but I’ve got a goal and this doesn’t feel like it’s going to make a dent in it.
Let’s be real, I went easy before I face that machine known as Jillian Michaels tomorrow. Have mercy on me and her fat shred.
Nicole Stewart – Pilates Makeover
Available on Exercise TV On Demand until 2/2/2010
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