Take the HIGH LANE On DemandSeptember 23, 2010

Take the HIGH LANE On Demand

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On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: HIGH LANE, premiering today and simultaneously at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.
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What begins as a surprisingly intense physiological analysis of translating real fear on screen, divulges into little more than your typical cannibalistic forest dweller attacking innocent young hikers in HIGH LANE. This French thriller directed by Abel Ferry, centers around a group of extreme mountain climbers who find themselves trapped on a forlorn peak- where the only way off appears to be death.

For those readers fearful of heights, stay away from the first 30 minutes of the film as the high octane climbing scenes, filmed with extreme clarity (climaxing as the repel lines break), provoke even the most iron of stomachs into a fit of nausea. Complete with incoherent flashbacks of a deranged hospital stay that is never fully explained, the beginning of the movie succeeds by instilling real fear in viewers.




However, once it is discovered that the true source of the hikers’ predicament lies with one primitive, blood-thirsty man, the real terror becomes nothing more than a fleeting memory and one is left with the usual gory attacks.



The attractive young cast is betrayed by the obvious dubbing, at times providing an almost comedic effect, even in the most dire of situations. Beautiful Croatian scenery and overly realistic killing scenes make HIGH LANE an interesting horror film to watch, but without any real plot twists, the movie as a whole lacks the complexity of a truly scary horror movie.


- Sky McCarthy

Sky McCarthy is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly and a television enthusiast (ask me about anything!) currently working in entertainment in New York City.



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