THE PILL - What Happens The Morning After?February 29, 2012

THE PILL - What Happens The Morning After?


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: THE PILL (FilmBuff).



By Sky McCarthy


The morning after can be extremely uncomfortable, but THE PILL takes the awkwardness of a one -night stand to the next level. While this movie may be a snapshot to the sexual realities of today, the film lacks any imagination to provide unique insight. It begins with a classic tale of modern “romance” – boy meets girl, girl gets drunk, boy sleeps with girl…unprotected.


After a frantic morning fight, Fred (Noah Bean, “Nikita” “Damages”) convinces Mindy (Rachel Boston, “In Plain Sight”) to take the morning after pill despite her surprising religious convictions. Fred is immediately relieved after the initial swallow but soon becomes Mindy’s unwilling companion for the day when he realizes she must take a second dose within 12 hours.


The storyline is somewhat complicated by the fact that Fred is already in a relationship. Fans of the MY GIRL movies will be surprised to see Anna Chlumsky in a rare on screen role as Fred’s nagging and shrewish girlfriend. While Mindy initially represents a mental and physical escape from reality, she herself is emotionally unstable and invents white lies throughout the film to keep Fred’s attention. The next 24 hours take Fred on a strange roller coaster of events through New York City including a confrontational meeting with Mindy’s ex and a surprise visit to her parent’s apartment.


As the movie drags on, it becomes apparent that every character is completely flawed. Not one of them is likeable so it becomes unclear as to why anyone should care about hurt feelings or unwanted pregnancies. Initially the film plays like a lengthy PSA for the consequences of unprotected sex and one may be left wondering if Planned Parenthood had a hand in funding production costs.


A few early scenes play out as a blow by blow instruction manual on how to properly take birth control. These moments are still more enjoyable than the rest of the film which features lengthy altercations and a slew of inconsequential moments.

THE PILL is tedious at best. As a commentary on the contemporary hook-up scene, the movie succeeds at portraying a series of unlikeable people in unstable relationships. But without any poignant information or new view on the subject, director J.C. Khoury ends up leaving audiences slightly annoyed if not depressed.

Everyone knows that dating in big cities can be difficult but if everyone in the real world is as deceptive and self-centered as the protagonists in THE PILL, then no one really deserves true happiness in love.




- Sky McCarthy


Sky McCarthy (@ILiveSkyHigh) is a contributing writer to On Demand Weekly and a television enthusiast (ask me about anything!) currently working in entertainment in New York City.


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