The Video Glutton: ODW’s Guide To Binge TV Viewing - GAME OF THRONES, Seasons 1 & 2March 27, 2013

The Video Glutton: ODW’s Guide To Binge TV Viewing - GAME OF THRONES, Seasons 1 & 2


The Video Glutton - On Demand Weekly's Guide To Binge TV Viewing. Jean Tait will analyze whether a TV series is Binge TV Viewing worthy.


The Video Glutton: ODW's Guide To Binge TV Viewing - GAME OF THRONES, Season 2

By Jean Tait

There are shows to obsess over, and then there is GAME OF THRONES. I used to roll my eyes when I heard about viewers freeze-framing through a trailer (a trailer!) for clues to upcoming episodes, and now, here I am, doing the exact same thing in anticipation of Season 3 of GoT.

I totally missed the boat during the first season, thinking it wouldn’t be something I would enjoy. I thought it was some video-game/dungeons and dragons fanboy thing. Then after all the reviews and buzz and recommendations from friends, I decided to watch the first season right before the second season began. Hook, line and sinker. I watched the whole season, read the first book, then watched the season again. As Season 2 began, I began the second book. When Season 2 ended, I went back and re-watched Season 1, finished the books (as far as they go), re-read the first two books, and watched Season 2 again. That took me through last fall. This winter has been GoT-fix free (except for constant checking of forums and websites looking for clues about when the next book will come out—damn your slowness, GRRM!). And finally, finally, Jimmy Kimmel announced the trailer for the new season would debut on his show.

Fire up the DVD-R! By now there are officially two versions of the trailer (Version 1 and the slightly longer Version 2), but I’ve noticed at least two different cuts of the Version1. The one that aired on Jimmy Kimmel has a shot of Brienne pulling out a sword, but the one airing on HBO and pretty much everything else has a shot of Hoster Tully’s funeral in that spot. The longer version now airing includes the Hoster Tully funeral shot, and adds a head butt for Brienne. And a bear. A bear a bear all covered with hair! Apologies to non-book readers. Actually no, I take back the apology. Read the books! Obsess with me!

What is that perfect song? A raspy, ghostly voice intones-- almost a cappella, “Dig up the bones, but leave the soul alone” before the percussion crashes in along with a wilding climbing the ice and Danerys’ Unsullied army. The song is by MS MR, and the cool 80’s anthem-rock style is, indeed, perfect.

I told you I was obsessive!

The trailer has so whetted my anticipation of Season 3, I just binge-watched Season 2. I didn’t mean to. I was just going to watch one episode, and four hours later, I was still watching. Who needs sleep?

This time I watched via HBO-Go, on my iPad. I found that since I know what is happening (no easy accomplishment!) this allows me to really take in the details. Instead of just watching the main characters’ faces, I can focus on the minor characters, some of whom become major later. Knowing what I know gives the scene an extra frisson when Roose Bolton tells Robb he can send his son to take Winterfell from Theon. (See what I just did there? A tease, but not a spoiler!)

It’s also a fantastic way to absorb the incredible details of the sets and costumes. Perhaps because my television is not HD (I know. I’m practically a Luddite, but HD bugs me most of the time. I don’t want to see all the warts and pimples and troweled-on makeup.) but HBO Go is HD and the clarity of the background really pops. HBO Go also offers interviews with cast members and designers, as well as pop ups giving character backgrounds, allowing GoT geeks a chance to really wank out!

I’m now trying to resist watching Season 1 until we get a little closer in order to spread out my fixes. And did you hear that Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, New York, is creating an ale for Game of Thrones! It will be called Iron Throne Ale, and it comes out March 15th! My favorite brewery AND my favorite show. I may just die on March 31st! But then if I do, I won’t see the end of the season, so keep that defibrillator handy…





- Jean Tait



Jean Tait is a contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. Currently the Director of Programming for the Connecticut Film Festival, Jean has programmed for the Jacksonville Film Festival and Sundance Channel.

PS Season 1, episodes 1-13, of “House Of Cards” are available on Netflix


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