The Video Glutton: ODW’s Guide To Binge TV Viewing -  HOMELANDSeptember 28, 2012

The Video Glutton: ODW’s Guide To Binge TV Viewing -  HOMELAND


Introducing The Video Glutton - On Demand Weekly's Guide To Binge TV Viewing. Jean Tait will analyze whether a TV series is Binge TV Viewing worthy.


The Video Glutton: ODW's Guide To Binge TV Viewing - HOMELAND, Season 1

By Jean Tait

Congratulations on Emmy wins for the Best Drama, Best Writing for a Drama, Best Actress in a Drama Claire Danes, and Best Actor in a Drama Damian Lewis. All completely well-deserved! Now I can smugly indulge in a binge-view of Season 1 of “Homeland” before I watch Episode 1 of Season 2, and feel entirely justified that it is not a waste of time, but a noble, intellectual pursuit.

So I’m taking a full Saturday, following Rule No. 2 (start early) with a full pot of coffee, and I’m ready to go…Warning—Spoilers for Season 1.

Episodes 1-3 Morning (Pot ‘o Coffee No. 1)

I had completely forgotten how slowly this show revealed the truth of Brody’s leanings. They played on our expectations so brilliantly, it would have felt like a rip-off if it had turned out that Brody was not turned, but there were some nice twists and turns as it was slowly revealed.
Particularly enjoying Morena Baccarin (Brody’s wife Jessica, Mandy Patinkin, (Carrie’s boss Saul), and Morgan Saylor (Brody’s sullen teenage daughter Dana). Now that I know what the plot is doing, I can watch the Not-Brody or Carrie characters more deeply. And the second time around for the scene in which Brody is unable to connect sexually with Jess is even more disturbing and heartbreaking for the pain it causes his wife.

Episodes 4-6 Midday (Pot ‘o Coffee No. 2, plus bathroom break and quick making of a sandwich—hating every moment away from “Homeland”).

As Brody’s deceptions are revealed, so are Carrie’s, although she still gets the moral high ground for her reasons! Ethical lines are crossed and re-crossed back and forth, up and down by both of them with others, and now that they have met “socially” the boundaries between Carrie and Brody are compromised as well.
The chemistry is sparkling and the murkiness of their motivations
just adds to the excitement.

Episodes 7-10 Late afternoon/Evening (order a pizza and hate the delivery guy for interrupting, but after he’s departed, I appreciate the nourishment).


Damn this show is good! Carrie and Brody in the cabin is one of the best scenes on television EVER. Seriously. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are so good and the writing so unexpected. They just had the most amazing, intimate sex? The way they looked into each others’ eyes. To feel a connection like that on a TV show? Breathtaking! And then REALLY (SPOILER...)?



Carrie tells Brody she thinks he’s working with Al Qaeda??? She’s got a gun, then he’s got the gun. Then no one gets shot, but they both are deeply wounded. She tries to apologize for thinking he was a terrorist? Heartbreaking! That’s not even the final episode!

Episode 11 Nighttime (ice cream is the only thing I can grab quickly enough).

I know. I’ve seen this before. I know what happens. But the suspense is so intensely built I can’t stand it. I’m sweating out the pits of my nightshirt (that, yes, I’m still wearing from this morning) and my hands can hardly hold the spoon, they are so clammy. Maybe I should add a rule about wearing a diaper?


Ok, no bombs exploded, but Carrie was just realizing..zzzztttttt nope!

Season 2 Episode 1 (can’t eat any more. I’m exhausted, but I HAVE to see this).

I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but it just gets better. It starts up several months later with Carrie out of the hospital and on her meds, but one loud noise away from another breakdown, and Brody is a Congressman. His discomfort is buried a little deeper than Carrie’s but it is definitely still there…




- Jean Tait


Jean Tait is a contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. Currently the Director of Programming for the Connecticut Film Festival, Jean has programmed for the Jacksonville Film Festival and Sundance Channel.

Season 1 of HOMELAND is available on Showtime On Demand. Season 2 premieres Sunday.


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*The Video Glutton’s 10 Rules To TV Binge Viewing (short version)

Rule No. 1 Plan ahead. Have food ready. 

Rule No. 2 Start early.

Rule No. 3 Be ready for cliffhangers. 

Rule No. 4 Turn off your phone’s ringer. 

Rule No. 5 Be prepared for side effects. 

Rule No. 6 Shower beforehand. 

Rule No. 7 Have eyedrops ready, especially if you wear contact lenses

Rule No. 8 Keep an iPad or laptop with IMDB handy. 

Rule No. 9 Invite a friend. 

Rule No. 10 After a big binge, it’s good to go on a diet. I recommend grazing. Just watch some “Ren and Stimpy,” one episode at a time. Small doses + big laughs= easy to go to work the next day.
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