Top 5 Reasons to Watch PROXYApril 23, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Watch PROXY


A very pregnant Esther Woodhouse (Rasmussen) is walking home after her latest OB appointment when she is attacked and disfigured by a hooded assailant. When Esther seeks consolation in a support group, she finds friendship and empathy in Melanie (Havins), another mother scarred with tragedy. Esther soon begins to believe that the horrific event might be a bittersweet act of fate. However, friendship and empathy can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people.

Top 5 Reasons to Watch PROXY

1. If you’re interested in a unique, female driven thriller that proves you can’t accurately judge anyone based on looks alone.

2. If you love plot twists so major that they keep you questioning really important things about the story, like who is the main character?


3. If you appreciate movies that don’t flinch at gore, PROXY even goes so far as to give us one incredibly bloody scene in slow motion.

4. If you like to see how characters with extremely dark desires go about getting what they want in brutal and disturbing ways.

5. If you want to explore some frightening reasons for entering into motherhood, as expressed by unapologetic and insane characters.



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