Top 5 Reasons to Watch SRSLYJanuary 07, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Watch SRSLY


SRSLY is Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson, two NYU and UCB trained ladies making short, snappy videos loosely based on their semi-glam lives in New York. Available on Vimeo


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Top 5 Reasons to Watch SRSLY


1. To be inspired: Alexandra and Danielle didn’t just wait around for acting jobs, instead they created their own with SRSLY. and became successful role models for anyone with a dream.

2. Because of its female focus: The show was created as a response to the lack of female perspective in popular films and television shows. It’s a refreshing look at young women that doesn’t stereotype or preach.


Alexander Fiber, Danielle Gibson (SRSLY)

3. Because you can probably relate: SRSLY. takes us through everyday scenarios and lets us laugh at situations that are usually frustrating, like having to share our precious French fries.

4. To discover up and coming talent: SRSLY. was also created as a platform for local (NYC) performers and filmmakers to showcase themselves, discover rising stars while supporting their community.



Alexander Fiber, Danielle Gibson (SRSLY)

5. Because it’s SRSLY funny: Alexandra and Danielle are so natural in their roles and their reactions so realistic that even if you can’t relate to the situations you will still find the characters hilarious. 









Sabrina Luppi


Sabrina Luppi is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. She is currently a film and marketing student at San Francisco State University, and recently completed a content programming internship at Intel. Sabrina is an aspiring actress, writer and filmmaker and her favorite genre is horror. Follow her on Twitter @sabzy_


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