VOD Spotlight on THE LEAGUE’S Katie Aselton For Her New Film: BLACK ROCKMay 16, 2013

VOD Spotlight on THE LEAGUE’S Katie Aselton For Her New Film: BLACK ROCK

BLACK ROCK (LD Entertainment)

Three young women – Sarah (Kate Bosworth), Abby (Katie Aselton) and Lou (Lake Bell) – get together for a private campout at one of the iconic settings of their childhood, an empty island off the coast of Maine, to renew their bond of sisterhood. They quickly learn, though, that the island is anything but empty, when they encounter three recently-returned servicemen, who have come to the island to hunt. A misunderstanding quickly turns to tragedy, and the three women soon find themselves the targets of the hunt. What started as a simple getaway to recall old times is now a race for survival as three ordinary woman must find extraordinary strength in order to beat the odds against violence and the elements. BLACK ROCK premieres Day & Date in select theaters and On Demand May 17, 2013.



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On Demand Weekly (ODW): How is my favorite member of THE LEAGUE?
Katie Aselton (KA):
I think Taco is fine.

ODW: Very funny.

ODW: What did you think of FX creating FXX and placing THE LEAGUE and other comedies on the new network?
I’m excited. I think it means they have a lot of faith in us as a show and they have a lot of faith in our fanbase and our audience. It’s a lot of responsibility to anchor a new network. I love John Landgraf (FX President) really getting behind us as a show.

ODW: It’s been reported independent filmmakers like the Coen Brothers and Alexander Payne will produce mini series on FX for stories that they may not be able to get funded for a film release. Would you ever go that route in lieu of producing a story as a film?
I love it. Absolutely. I love the format of a mini-series. You’d get to do more than you would for a movie. I love the idea of telling an exaggerated story. John Landgraf does an amazing job of curating cool voices for the network.

People are rediscovering the genre.

ODW: It could be a comment on attention span of current TV viewers.
People wanting a little bit more, but not too much.

ODW: Congratulations on directing your second film, the thriller BLACK ROCK, after the comedy, THE FREEBIE. Why a thriller?
It felt like it was time for me to go in a new direction. It was something I had been asked to do as an actor, an action, thriller type. To have those challenges and demands was exciting. I have an affinity for the old-school thrillers of the 70’s, like DELIVRANCE. Simple, naturalistic stories with strong characters and realistic threats. I liked telling that type of story.


Katie Aselton / BLACK ROCK (LD Entertainment)

ODW: You’ve said your husband, Mark Duplass wrote the first draft of BLACK ROCK while being “trapped in a weather-induced 18 hour layover.” Have you quarantined him for 18 hours since to write another script?
(laughs) Not yet, but if we get into a fight, maybe I’ll go do that.

ODW: Do you plan to produce films across other genres?
Absolutely. I’m still trying to find my voice as a filmmaker. I think it’s all about connecting to the story you want to tell. I don’t feel limited in the type of genre I want to work in. Maybe I’ll work on a sci-fi period piece. Or maybe I’ll do a foreign film next time.

ODW: What language?
I don’t know. Japanese maybe?

ODW: Tell our readers something about your co-stars Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth they wouldn’t have heard anywhere else?

KA: They are like the raunchiest girly-girls I have ever met.

They are so fun and so down to play and get dirty and weird. 

Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth and Katie Aselton / BLACK ROCK (LD Entertainment)


KA: They are the coolest girls I have ever worked with. The chemistry on screen was not fabricated. We truly enjoyed each other’s company.

ODW: Interesting you should use the word “weird”. I interviewed Mark & Jay ( ) for DO-DECA PENTATHLON, where I asked who they want to work and get weird with next? Who do you want to get weird with in your next film?
: I’ll go get weird with Ryan Gosling. I’d love to work with Mark Ruffalo. I think Brit Marling is doing really amazing things right now. I think there is a real wealth of cool, interesting actors right now. It’s a cool time.

ODW:Let’s shake things up. Are you ready for a quick round of word association?
: Let’s do it.


ODW: Fantasy Football:

KA: Bread and butter.


ODW: Mumblecore:

KA: My roots.


ODW: Teen Pageants:

KA: Even more my roots.


ODW: Duplaselton:

KA: Meee… (Katie’s twitter handle).

ODW: Bourne or Bond:

KA: Bourne.


ODW: Vanity Fair Photo Shoot:

KA: So glam.


Katie Aselton (Courtesy of Vanity Fair)

ODW: What do you think of different promotional opportunities for men & women in film & TV? Assuming Vanity Fair has not done a pinup photo shoot with Mark, are there promotional opportunities you’ve noticed Mark gets you wished were afforded to you as a woman?
No, I think we’re both really lucky. There is something about the level of respect you get when making films on your own.

ODW: What do you think of the trend of film opening Day & Date in theaters and on demand, as BLACK ROCK will on May 17th?
: I love that we get the option of both. Opening theatrically, watching with an audience is a special experience. That being said, I grew up in an itty, bitty town on the coast of Maine. We had one theater with one screen. We were lucky if we got the major movies that opened every summer.

So the opportunity as they are coming out before

they are talked to death and ruined by everyone either loving or hating it,

you get to see it while it is still fresh on VOD.

I think it is amazing. Hopefully people will really embrace it.

I love that it is available to everyone and that my entire family in Maine can see it on opening weekend and pay for it. They’re all going to pay for it.

ODW: No freebies?
No freebies for them.

ODW: What do you like to watch on demand?
I like to watch movies like this. Smaller movies. It makes me feel good to put my money into filmmakers I believe in. I know that paying for something on demand the money does go back to them. It’s supporting small filmmakers.

ODW: Do you recall any other movies hot in Maine?
: Lots of Stephen King stuff. One of the captain of the boats where we shot BLACK ROCK said one of Ben Affleck’s movies as a teenager was shot out there. I will tell you why movies are not shot out there. It is incredibly difficult. It’s so far away.

ODW: When did you decide to work with LD Entertainment, before production or did they acquire the film?
They acquired it at Sundance.

ODW: Mark recommends a film a day from Netflix on twitter. Would you ever consider doing that?
No. I have a different connection to my fanbase on twitter. I give them a taste of my characters. I get to get sassy on twitter.

ODW: What would you like our readers to know about BLACK ROCK?
It’s a chick-flick turned thriller. It’s a fun way to start off summer movies.




- Britt Bensen

Britt is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of On Demand Weekly. He is currently at Intel Media. Previously, Britt worked for Miramax Films and Sundance Channel. He also on the Advisory Board of the Palo Alto Intl Film Festival.


BLACK ROCK premieres Day & Date in select theaters and On Demand May 17, 2013.



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