Welcome To On Demand WeeklyAugust 21, 2009

Welcome To On Demand Weekly
Did you know you are part of 40 million strong and growing? There are over 40 million US households with Video On Demand (VOD) via cable and it’s projected to grow to over 60 million by 2011! That’s more than Netflix subscribers and Wii owners combined [CAN YOU THINK OF ANOTHER HOME ENTERTAINMENT OPTION?]. This makes VOD one of the fastest growing home entertainment options and nobody is talking about it. Until now…
On Demand Weekly (ODW) is the first and only online publication dedicated to the rising VOD consumer market. There were over 3 billion VOD orders in 2008. They consisted of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kids Programming, Music Videos and so much more. But with so many VOD programming options available to the digital cable subscriber, the messaging and choices can be confusing. ODW is here to simplify and promote VOD with the following features:
  • This Week’s Best focuses on the best programming and the hidden gems offered on VOD. We will feature the week’s Top 3 selections of the 12 most prominent VOD categories and include where to find it.
  • The ODW Blog will keep readers informed of VOD Industry news and promotions throughout the week, as well as provide the only forum for VOD user feedback. What do you like about VOD? Dislike? Tell us what is happening locally? Send us your emails to mailbag@ondemandweekly.com
We are initially covering the VOD programming offered to Comcast’s 15+ million VOD enabled households. This includes households in and around the following markets: Chicago, SF, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle, Denver, Miami, Detroit, Pittsburgh and many more. We will launch dedicated coverage of cable provided VOD in other major markets by Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision in the weeks ahead.
The site won’t work without your participation. So tune in weekly and let us know what you think.
- The ODW Team
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