HELLO LONESOME, Hi On DemandJune 02, 2011


Film Movement

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: HELLO LONESOME (Film Movement).


By Adam Schartoff


Three stories about isolation and the desire to connect; provocative, funny and painful all at the same time. These stories are woven together to create HELLO LONESOME, Adam Reid’s debut feature film.

In one storyline, shallow on-line gambler Gordon (Nate Smith) meets pretty Debby (Sabrina Lloyd) through an Internet dating service. Whether its Debby’s charm or her wide screen television —one’s never sure initially— it isn’t long before Gordon has moved in. When Debby discovers that she is ill, will Gordon rise to the occasion or make a dash for the door?


In a second storyline, widow Eleanor (Lynn Cohen, Magda from SEX AND THE CITY) has lost her driver’s license due to her failing vision. She ends up relying on her young single next-door neighbor, Gary (James Urbaniak) for more than just trips to the supermarket.


Lastly, aging voice over actor Bill (Harry Chase) has to talk his postal deliveryman Omar (Kamel Boutros) for social time and an overnight play date from his black book to fill the void of actual family relationships. Recording out of his built-in studio doesn’t help his sense of claustrophobia, even though he lives in the middle of the woods.

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