TRUE BLOOD - Season Four - Mid Season ReportAugust 12, 2011

TRUE BLOOD - Season Four - Mid Season Report


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies and shows on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: TRUE BLOOD (HBO).

TRUE BLOOD - Season Four Mid Season Report
Eric the Labrador Puppy = True Love on True Blood
By Jean Tait


I’m starting to have very hostile feelings about HBO. Don’t they know that 12 episodes are not enough for a full season of “True Blood”???? We’re already halfway through the season!

You know how there is nothing cuter than a Labrador Retriever puppy? They can eat your favorite pair of shoes, but they are so adorable, you just have to hug and kiss them anyway? Well, Eric’s amnesia has resulted in his acting just like an adorable lab puppy. This Eric who loves the way a puppy loves: unconditionally. How could Sookie resist? How could anyone? Even when he eats your fairy godmother, you can’t help but love his cute little puppy face (and other puppy parts…).



Speaking of puppy love, Jessica and Hoyt are having problems, and she is finding herself drawn to Jason. As much as I love me some Hoyt, who could resist a Jessica/Jason pairing?!

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Is BANSHEE Worth Binging On?April 09, 2013

Is BANSHEE Worth Binging On?


The Video Glutton - On Demand Weekly's Guide To Binge TV Viewing. Jean Tait will analyze whether a TV series is Binge TV Viewing worthy.


The Video Glutton: ODW's Guide To Binge TV Viewing - BANSHEE, Season 1

By Jean Tait


After the success of Starz’ SPARTACUS, I imagine some suits over at Cinemax said, let’s do a show like that! All we need are some good looking actors and lots of blood, gore, and sex, and we’ll have a hit! So they hired a Liam McIntyre type, made sure he (and most of the rest of the cast) had excellent fighting skills, looked good naked, plunked them down into a contemporary small town full of bad guys, and voila!

There must have been some TWIN PEAKS influences as well, although it is clear they were afraid to go too quirky. There is one sidekick in a bow tie who tends to just stare. Yeah, ok, creepy, but not odd enough to make him irresistible. The obvious bad guy turns out to be a shunned Amishman who still looks out for his family.


BANSHEE (Cinemax)

The most mustache-twirling of the villains, is a bleached blond Ben Cross (“Chariots of Fire”). The most evilest of evil villains can never be US born. An Eastern European accent equals Big Bad Guy with minions who also have the same accent, so of course, Mr. Rabbit (yes, that is his name) is Ukranian.


Ben Cross / BANSHEE (Cinemax)

The kindly African American ex-boxer bar owner who takes our hero under his wing also happens to be an ex-con (the nicely underplaying Frankie Faison), as is the Asian transvestite hairdresser who is also a crackerjack hacker (the severely bitchy Hoon Lee). Can you get a liquor license if you are an ex-con? I guess you can in Banshee, PA.

Banshee is a small town with more than its share of bad guys. Minor robberies turn into hostage taking and motorcycle gangs are not only petty criminals, but also rapists and murderers. It’s a very western set-up. Lawmen don’t last very long ‘round these parts and only the loner, just-released felon has the moral center to take on the rampant crime in the town.

I assumed from the title that there would be some supernatural influences (as with Executive Producer Alan Ball’s TRUE BLOOD), but the only thing supernatural in Banshee is the characters’ ability to take a beating and heal quickly. And take a beating they do. There is not a single episode that is missing a major smackdown. Kudos to the fight choreographer and stunt-men and –women.

Think this show was designed with fanboys in mind? 

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