THE WOLFMAN on VOD Will Frighten You This WeekMay 31, 2010

THE WOLFMAN on VOD  Will Frighten You This Week

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New Films on VOD for the Week of May 31


The Wolfman

A nobleman returns home to search for his brother who has disappeared, but what he finds is a horrifying secret.  Oooowwwwwoooooo!  (that was a howling at the moon)

Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro. PG-MA / 119 minutes / Available 06/01




The Young Victoria

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The Top 10 Anthony Hopkins Movies On DemandMay 23, 2011

The Top 10 Anthony Hopkins Movies On Demand

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In honor of Sir Anthony Hopkin’s Movies On Demand premiere of THE RITE, On Demand Weekly celebrates his Top 10 Movies On Demand available on Comcast's Xfinity.

Email us your favorite Anthony Hopkins movie.


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360 - Starring Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins - Now On DemandJuly 02, 2012

360 - Starring Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins - Now On Demand

Magnolia Pictures

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: 360 (Magnolia).


By Amy Slotnick

Roving through Vienna, London, Denver, Phoenix, Paris and back again, 360 is director Fernando Meirelles’ (CITY OF GOD, THE CONSTANT GARDENER) latest film which interweaves story lines about individuals all facing a metaphoric fork in the road. Films that are a collection of small vignettes linked by a common theme or device often come out feeling like a series of shorts, without any cohesiveness. But Meirelles’ direction, the script by Peter Morgan (THE QUEEN, FROST/NIXON) and a cast of international talent, elevate the genre to make 360 a dynamic and suspenseful love story.

The film opens on Mirkha (Lucia Siposova), a Slovakian beauty, who is in Vienna for her first appointment as a high-priced prostitute. She is scheduled to meet Michael (Jude Law), a British businessman contemplating cheating on his wife. Michael doesn’t go through with the appointment and leaves Mirkha waiting at the hotel bar. He returns to his wife in London (played by Rachel Weisz) who, unknown to him, is having an affair with a Brazilian photographer. Weisz wants to end the affair but at the same time is intoxicated by it.
Rachel Weisz / 360 (Magnolia)

Laura, is the photographer’s girlfriend who has discovered the affair and decides to leave London and return to Brazil. She meets Anthony Hopkins on her flight through Denver, where they get stranded for a night due to bad weather. Hopkins is on his way to Phoenix to identify a Jane Doe at a morgue who he hopes is not his missing daughter. Ben Foster is a sex offender who, after years in prison, is on his way to a halfway house. He too is passing through the Denver airport and when he meets Laura, he is barely able to control his temptation when she invites him to her hotel room.

Valentina is a Russian woman living in Paris, working as a dental assistant and in an unhappy marriage. She is in love with her boss, a Muslim widower. Unbeknownst to her, he is struggling with the idea of having feelings for a married woman. On the day she tells her husband she wants a divorce, her boss, not knowing she shares his feelings, lets her go without reason. Only we know that it’s because he can no longer contain his passion for her.
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