VOD Spotlight on Joseph Morgan (ARMISTICE)January 26, 2014

VOD Spotlight on Joseph Morgan (ARMISTICE)

Joseph Morgan

In the role of Royal Marine, A.J. Budd, Joseph Morgan (IMMORTALS, “The Originals”) stars in this brutal psychological and supernatural thriller, in which he finds himself trapped in the Warhouse. Imprisoned, he is forced to fight for his life against grotesque, inhuman opponents. He must kill every day or die himself. His one glimmer of hope comes in the form of a diary, left by a former occupant of the house, WWI Lieutenant Edward Sterling, played by Matt Ryan (FLYPAPER, “Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior”). ARMISTICE is currently available on iTunes.

On Demand Weekly’s Sabrina Luppi spoke with Joseph Morgan about ARMISTICE, his previous roles and VOD.


On Demand Weekly (ODW): Are you doing so many horror/thriller movies & TV shows by choice or is it more coincidental?
Joseph Morgan (JM):
It’s choice really. The more I do the more I get offered. But I’m quite happy to be working predominantly in genre just because that’s always what I’ve watched and read growing up that’s what I’ve been primarily interested in. I read graphic novels and watch a lot of film and TV and most of it is genre stuff so I am a huge fan.


ODW: On Twitter you’ve talked about how proud you are of ARMISTICE, is there a moment when you’re watching that you feel most proud of?
I’m really proud of the sequence where I tear down the wallpaper and find the marks that Edward Sterling had left and it cuts between that scene and the scene of me sort of drinking in the cellar and kind of vocalizing all the loneliness and the inner torment. It’s a film with very little dialogue and that’s one point where the director allowed me to be vocal as the character.

It was a lot of improvised stuff that Luke [Massey] guided but allowed me freedom within those boundaries. I also felt like he and I were learning to work together and we really hit our stride by that point and I felt like it was a really positive relationship, so I’m proud of that. I also think, trying to be objective about the film, I think it’s the proudest I am of a performance in the film.

ODW: You also said, “After all this time it’s here.” Were there a lot of obstacles it had to go through to get to this point?
Oh man you have no idea. There were a lot of obstacles just editorially; it took a long time in post and a long time to finish. It was quite a different film when Luke and Ben [Read] conceived it and it really went through the ringer in post. There were a few characters that were cut from it to make the story a lot cleaner and more simple and it’s really become a very simple, clean, engaging story but it was quite convoluted initially.


Joseph Morgan

 I’m proud of Luke and his determination and commitment to the film and how he stuck with it and wasn’t satisfied until it became something that we could all be proud of. So it was a long time in the making and to have his first film get some sort of cinematic release I think is a huge achievement and he’s one of my best friends as well as the director so I’m hugely proud of him and happy that this film didn’t disappear into the ether and became something that people can enjoy.

ODW: What is the most unique, funny or interesting experience you had while filming ARMISTICE?

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