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On Demand Weekly (ODW) continues our Filmmaker Spotlight series focusing on filmmakers distributing their film via Video On Demand (VOD). I recently spoke with Chris Smith (AMERICAN MOVIE), the director of COLLAPSE, FilmBuff (On Demand)’s new documentary (available on VOD December 6th).

ODW was interested in the making of the film and his perspective on VOD as an entertainment option.


On Demand Weekly: Your film opens with a card stating you met the subject for COLLAPSE, Michael Ruppert, for another project. How soon after meeting him did you know you had the makings of a documentary around Ruppert and did you have to convince him to do the film?
Chris Smith:
It was about two or three weeks after our initial meeting that we wrote to Michael pitching him this idea.  He was pretty much onboard once he read the treatment.

ODW: There are lots of people with strong points of view on the film's main topic. Why Michael Ruppert?

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Collapse - On DemandDecember 04, 2009


VOD not only offers PPV Movies that screened in theaters, but cutting edge, independent films. Whether you want to see films made outside the Hollywood system or future stars in breakout performances, On Demand Weekly reviews the latest from the film festival circuit in the comfort of your own home.

FilmBuff On Demand

COLLAPSE (82 min)
On Demand Weekly reviews films from the perspective of watching it On Demand in your home. I particularly believe this to be an asset in the case of Chris Smith’s (American Movie) new documentary Collapse. I know I can get distracted by the previews ahead of a film in a theatre to the point I briefly forget what I paid to see right before it begins. I’m glad I didn’t see a trailer to a holiday film or romance prior to the documentary’s subject, Michael Ruppert, settling into his seat. A no frills opening that subliminally suggests you buckle up for the next 82 minutes.

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