Welcome To On Demand WeeklyAugust 21, 2009

Welcome To On Demand Weekly
Did you know you are part of 40 million strong and growing? There are over 40 million US households with Video On Demand (VOD) via cable and it’s projected to grow to over 60 million by 2011! That’s more than Netflix subscribers and Wii owners combined [CAN YOU THINK OF ANOTHER HOME ENTERTAINMENT OPTION?]. This makes VOD one of the fastest growing home entertainment options and nobody is talking about it. Until now…
On Demand Weekly (ODW) is the first and only online publication dedicated to the rising VOD consumer market. There were over 3 billion VOD orders in 2008. They consisted of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kids Programming, Music Videos and so much more. But with so many VOD programming options available to the digital cable subscriber, the messaging and choices can be confusing. ODW is here to simplify and promote VOD with the following features:
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3D Is Coming To VODAugust 21, 2009

3D Is Coming To VOD

Disney Images

What do Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and a Horror film have in common? Are they going to star as unwitting prey in a horror film? No, but I’ll reserve judgment on whether they should or not for now. Their films are breaking ground for 3D video-on-demand (VOD) to the home via Comcast.
  • Last August, Comcast tested the 3D format with Hannah Montana: The Best of Both Worlds.
  • Lionsgate’s My Bloody Valentine was offered to subscribers in July
  • Disney returns with Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience [date tbd].
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Robert Redford Digs On DemandOctober 11, 2009

In another step to bring the preeminent U.S. film festival to film fans living outside of Park City, UT, Robert Redford has announced Sundance Selects, a new video-on-demand (VOD) service offering films and documentaries. The films will be available to digital subscribers of Comcast, Cox and Cablevision, often available the same day in theaters. The exciting new indie film option will make its VOD debut on August 26 with Spike Lee's new documentary, "Passing Strange: The Movie," which premiered at the 2009 Sundance festival. The film records the Broadway musical of the same name that tells of a young black man finding his way in life.
At Sundance, increasing the size of the market for independent film has always been our mission, in addition to just giving exposure to new voices, so this allows us to electronically take that vision to a broader group," Redford told Reuters.
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New TeeVee Live RecapNovember 18, 2009

New TeeVee Live Recap

New TeeVee Live

On Demand Weekly recently attended the 3rd Annual New TeeVee Live conference in San Francisco. Here’s our take on what occurred.


3 topics that may affect ON Demand TV

1. Why besides Comcast, no other MVPDs [Time Warner, Cox, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish] had a presence @ NTVL?

ODW: Missed opportunity to speak to Silicon Valley?

2. Brian Fuhrer, SVP, Nielsen sees new digital video efforts (ie TV Everywhere) as "The Extended Screen."

ODW: How will they incorporate new technology into their ratings system?

3. Amy Banse, President of Comcast Interactive Media advocates for Nielsen to include On Demand & Time Shifting Views into their overall ratings?

ODW: Will they?


5 most interesting speakers at New TeeVee Live

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On Demand News & LinksNovember 23, 2009

On Demand News & Links

Miramax Films

ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.

From the arthouse to your house

…thanks to video on demand (VOD), cable TV subscribers now can watch some of the latest indie films from the comfort of their own couch. (Star Tribune)


The undignified near-death of Miramax

…companies like Magnolia, Sony Pictures Classics, IFC and Zeitgeist, who focus on marketing quality films to niche audiences, are now in a stronger position. (Salon)


Comcast Spotlight's "Video Circulars On Demand" Converts Retailers' Print Advertising into VOD Assets

Comcast's advertising sales arm, Comcast Spotlight, on Wednesday announced a new service, called Video Circulars On Demand, which takes retailers' print advertising materials--including weekly newspaper inserts ("circulars"), display ads and catalogs--and converts them into on-demand video slideshows. (iTVt)

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On Demand Options for Hard to Find Films - New York TimesAugust 04, 2010

On Demand Options for Hard to Find Films - New York Times

IFC Films

Congratulations to SnagFilms, Disney & the Smithsonian Channel. And New York Times, how about showing some love to our coverage of the On Demand industry??? - ODW


On-Demand Options for Hard-to-Find Films

Serious moviegoers may still see on-demand channels as a dumping ground for films that were in theaters six months ago or weren’t good enough to be in theaters at all. But as more and more “small,” serious films fight for screen time, a few distributors are starting to see on-demand television as a first option — which means that the quality of on-demand offerings is beginning to rise... (New York Times)


SnagFilms to Expand Library’s Reach to New Platforms

Documentary distribution outlet SnagFilms—the parent company of indieWIRE—will unveil later today an expansion of the platforms for its nonfiction titles that is timed to its second anniversary, as well as deals with a range of companies for more films. Snag will bring its library of 1,500-plus films to a suite of new sources beyond the original web platform upon which it was launched. New outlets will include the creation of VOD channels with cable network Comcast and Verizon FiOS TV… (IndieWIRE)



'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally' Makes Linear Debut Sept. 7, Flanked By On-Demand, Mobile Presentations

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally is set to make its Disney Channel debut on Sept. 7 at 7 p.m., the same day the program will be available for purchase on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

The 50-minute special, though, will benefit from a full-length preview on Disney Channel On Demand on Aug. 31...
(Multichannel News)


CBS, Comcast Sign 10-Year Contract to Carry TV Shows

The contract also provides Comcast customers with Showtime Networks, the new Smithsonian channel, expanded distribution of CBS College Sports and more on-demand access to CBS and Showtime online and on TV... (Bloomberg)


Previous On Demand & Links - ODW

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Two-Thirds (62%) of Consumers Have Watched Primetime TV Series through Time-Shifted TechnologyAugust 17, 2010

Two-Thirds (62%) of Consumers Have Watched Primetime TV Series through Time-Shifted Technology

Time-Shifting and On Demand TV use continue to rise according to Comcast's annual TV Pulse Survey (8/17/10).





Time-Shifted Technology Usage Up More Than 60% from a Year Ago and 80% from Three Years Ago

Two-Thirds (62%) of Consumers Have Watched Primetime TV Series through Time-Shifted Technology 80+% of Consumers Regularly Watch Live Primetime Television
The fall TV season is nearly here and that means America’s favorite shows will soon be back on the air.  With the fall season heating up in the coming weeks, Comcast announced the findings of its second annual “TV Pulse Survey,” an independent nationwide survey* conducted by International Communications Research, that revealed America’s most-anticipated new and returning primetime series.  The survey also discovered that more consumers than ever before plan to watch their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere using time-shifting technologies such as, video-on-demand (VOD), digital video recorders (DVRs) and the Internet. 
"Time-shifting has hit the mainstream and is changing the way people watch TV, said Diana Kerekes, Vice President of Entertainment Services for Comcast. “The results of our ‘TV Pulse Survey’ underscore more consumers are watching their favorite shows when and how they want to watch them."
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The Oscar® Nominated Short Films 2011 - Available On DemandFebruary 24, 2011

The Oscar® Nominated Short Films 2011 - Available On Demand

Shorts International

Check it out film fans. With the Oscars® on the mind, Movies On Demand has made the best of this year's nominated short films available to see before Sunday's awards show (and throughout March).



You can choose Best Animated Short Films or Best Live Action Short Films. Or watch both. This is your chance to get a leg up on your Oscar® pool.


The Oscar® Nominated Short Films 2011 - Available On Demand

Best Animated Short Films
The Gruffalo (Shorts Intl)
The Gruffalo (Shorts Intl)
  • “Madagascar, carnet de voyage (Madagascar, a Journey Diary)”: European traveler’s experience of the Malagasy culture. (French, 11 mins, Director:  Bastien Dubois).
  • “Let's Pollute” Satirical educational film looks at pollution’s longtime necessity to the American economy. (USA, six mins, Director:  Geefwee Boedoe).
  • “The Gruffalo”  Innocent mouse vs. predators.(UK; Germany, 27 mins, Directors:  JakobSchuh and Max Lange).
  • “The Lost Thing”  Boy discovers a strange creature on the beach and tries to find it a place for it to fit in. (Australia; UK, 15 mins.  Directors:  Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan)


Best Live Action Short Films
Na Wewe (Shorts Intl)
Na Wewe (Shorts Intl)
  • The Confession”  Nine year-old boy stages a prank so he has something to say at confession. (UK, 26 mins, Director:  Tanel Toom). 
  • “Wish 143”  Dying teen has a final wish - to lose his virginity. (UK, 24 mins, Director:  Ian Barnes).
  • “Na Wewe”  Civilians caught in 1994 civil war between ethnic Hutus and Tutsis in Burundi. (Belgium, 19 mins, Director:  Ivan Goldschmidt).
  • “The Crush”  Eight year-old boy has a crush on his teacher. Real boyfriend arrives on the scene and is challenged to a duel. (Ireland, 15 mins, Director:  Michael Creagh).
  • “God of Love”  Love triangle changes the good luck of a lounge-singer darts champion. (USA, 18 mins, Director:  Luke Matheny).

For more information, visit  http://www.shortshd.com/theoscarshorts/.

Where to find the Short Film packages content on your Cabler On Demand on-screen menus:


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Comcast First To Offer TV Series From All Four Major Broadcast Networks On DemandApril 27, 2011

Comcast  First To Offer TV Series  From All Four Major Broadcast Networks On Demand

We here at On Demand Weekly love all things TV & Film. And we love to catch up on all the TV series available On Demand because it allows viewers to timeshift their viewing habits around their daily schedule.


Until now, not all of the major broadcasters (ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC) offered their TV series on demand. Today, Comcast announced they are the first to offer current TV shows On Demand from all four major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – On Demand. This expansion of TV series, among others, nearly doubles the amount of hit TV series now available from the major broadcast networks, and brings customers the most TV episodes in high-definition On Demand.


Finally fans of TV subscribing to Xfinity On Demand can choose when they want to watch The Simpsons (FOX) and Modern Family (ABC), along with the most watch TV On Demand series, such as NCIS (CBS) and Parenthood (NBC).

“We are excited to team with Comcast to expand ABC’s fast-forward disabled VOD offering to their customers,” said David Preschlack, executive vice president, Disney and ESPN Networks Affiliate Sales and Marketing. “This is yet another example of our dedication to exploring innovative business models that super-serve the fans of ABC’s popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Castle, and add value to our distribution and advertising partners.”

“Our goal is to deliver customers the best and most-current entertainment choices anytime, anywhere so they can catch up and keep up with their favorite TV shows,” said Marcien Jenckes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Services for Comcast. “By nearly doubling the number of current TV series from broadcast networks, Xfinity TV On Demand offers our customers a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be found elsewhere.”

Starting on Thursday, April 28, more than 20 popular TV series from ABC and FOX will begin to roll out On Demand the day after the TV series’ live broadcast and will be fast forward disabled. Each of the major broadcast networks will offer the four most recent episodes from the below TV series On Demand.


Let's hope other Pay TV providers will follow Comcast's lead.


· Body of Proof
· Castle
· Cougar Town
· Desperate Housewives
· Grey’s Anatomy
· Private Practice


· American Dad
· America’s Most Wanted
· Bob’s Burgers
· Bones
· Breaking In
· The Chicago Code
· The Cleveland Show
· Cops
· Family Guy
· Fringe
· Glee
· Hell’s Kitchen (available 7/19)
· Kitchen Nightmares
· Masterchef (available 6/7)
· Raising Hope
· The Simpsons
· Traffic Light


· Blue Bloods
· CSI: Miami
· Hawaii Five-0
· Mad Love
· NCIS: Los Angeles
· Rules of Engagement
· Survivor: Redemption Island
· The Good Wife
· Two and a Half Men
· Undercover Boss


· 30 Rock
· America’s Got Talent (available 6/1)
· America’s Next Great Restaurant
· Celebrity Apprentice
· Chase
· Chuck
· Community
· Friday Night Lights
· Harry’s Law
· Law & Order: Los Angeles
· Love In The Wild (available 6/2)
· Minute to Win It
· Outsourced
· Parks and Recreation
· Parenthood
· Perfect Couples
· Saturday Night Live
· The Biggest Loser
· The Event
· The Marriage Ref (available 6/27)
· The Office
· The Voice
· Who Do You Think You Are?


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Saying Goodbye to Our Favorite Boss (VOD Trend Spotter)May 02, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Our Favorite Boss (VOD Trend Spotter)

VOD Trend Spotter is a new weekly column where Kendra Anderson explores the most watched TV Series On Demand (by looking at Comcast (America's largest cable VOD provider)  xfinity On Demand's weekly rankings). Sometimes the trends are obvious; other times, she adds her own spin to the psyche of the time-shifting audience.


Saying Goodbye to Our Favorite Boss, While CBS Loses its Edge, and A Good (Police) Story Matters Here (VOD Trend Spotter)
By Kendra Anderson


This Week In TV On Demand
1. Game of Thrones – HBO
2. Hawaii Five-O – CBS
3. CSI: Miami – CBS
4. Bad Girls Club – Oxygen
5. Survivor: Redemption Island – CBS
6. The Office – NBC
7. CSI: Los Angeles – CBS
8. The Killing – AMC
9. Tosh.0 – Comedy Central
10. Nurse Jackie - Showtime
Source: Comcast Xfinity and Rentrak On Demand Essentials (Week Ending April 24th, 2011)
·         NBC’s (NBC TV) “The Office” (Official Show Website) clocks in for both SD and HD (#6 and #3, respectively). This week marked Steve Carell’s (Wikipedia) last episode as Michael Scott (Wikipedia), the show’s bumbling-yet-loveable manager.
o    How can there be an Office without Michael Scott? Will Ferrell (Wikipedia) won’t cut it, and there is tons of speculation (Daily Mail) as to who will be the next Dunder Mifflin (Wikipedia) appointee (Will Arnett, please!) (Wikipedia). To echo Dwight’s words at the end of the show, “Uh oh.” – KA
·         Comcast is the first MSO to offer current TV shows from all 4 Major Broadcast networks On Demand (On Demand Weekly). Beginning last Thursday 4/28, more than 20 popular TV series from ABC and FOX began a roll out On Demand the day after live broadcast. Each of the major broadcast networks will offer the four most recent episodes from select TV series On Demand. (Engadget)
o    In case you’ve been living under a rock (YouTube), this is an important announcement. First, other cable providers are going to need to step it up to match Comcast’s (Official Website) play – who will be next? Also, are we going to see a bump in popularity for shows on Fox (Official Website) and ABC (Official Website), which haven’t yet been available On Demand?. – KA
·         WWE (WWE Official Website) announced a record 1 million PPV buys of annual showcase WrestleMania (Variety), a 30% increase over last year’s numbers. This year’s goal was reached through significant promotion by WWE alumni Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (IMDB) and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Wikipedia), in addition to “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki (Official Website).
o    For pro wrestling fans, this actually is big news. Pay-Per-View is the primary option for audiences to see these live shows, and the margins are incredible – events typically run between $35 and $60 (Comcast), to watch live on your home screen. And WrestleMania is kind of like Sweeps (Wikipedia) for the rest of TV, so it’s good to know things are looking up for those among us who like violence. – KA
·         CBS (CBS Official Website) lost some of its footing this week, owning only 40% of the top 10 series On Demand, compared to last week’s 67% (6/9) share. The network fared even worse in HD viewing – last week CBS stole 100% of the top spots, and this week, only 40%.
o    CBS still hasn’t responded to my requests for comment on their insanely successful On Demand presence. I will fool myself and say it’s karma, but we really know this has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with Steve Carell. (The Atlantic) I’ll miss ya, buddy. – KA
·         Welcome to the top 10, AMC. (AMC TV) This week their show “The Killing” (Official Show Website) put away the #8 spot On Demand. It’s the first live action scripted show from a basic cable network that’s made it into the top 10 series On Demand (since this column began).
o    Guess what? “The Killing” is a police procedural. (Wikipedia) You remember how much America likes those, right? So while the show itself appearing in the lineup isn’t big, the fact that AMC gets On Demand props this week is. – KA


- Kendra Anderson


Kenda Anderson
Kendra T. Anderson is a digital strategist specializing in social media and marketing, with an emphasis on independent film and branded content. She has worked with Cinetic Media, Magnolia Pictures and Focus Features, and now helps brands build digital and social communication strategies. Read more from Kendra on her blog and tweet Kendra @ktwanderson


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The Top 10 Anthony Hopkins Movies On DemandMay 23, 2011

The Top 10 Anthony Hopkins Movies On Demand

Photo courtesy of the Pacific Film Archive

In honor of Sir Anthony Hopkin’s Movies On Demand premiere of THE RITE, On Demand Weekly celebrates his Top 10 Movies On Demand available on Comcast's Xfinity.

Email us your favorite Anthony Hopkins movie.


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VOD Spotlight On in DEMAND’s Emilio NunezAugust 02, 2011

VOD Spotlight On in DEMAND’s Emilio Nunez


On Demand Weekly's VOD Spotlight highlights stories in the On Demand industry. Today we talk to one of the VOD industry's movers and shakers you probably haven't heard of before, Emilio Nunez, Senior Vice President, Movies & Original Programming for iN DEMAND -  the biggest distributor of VOD and PPV content to cable. You're accustomed to ordering VOD / PPV from your cable provider, but it is iN DEMAND who does a lot of the work behind the scenes.


Emilio was recently promoted (and we just published our New Movies On Demand August Preview with info from iN DEMAND), so we wanted to learn what that entails and get an inside perspective on the VOD business.

On Demand Weekly (ODW):The press release announcing your promotion at iN DEMAND said that you are in charge of scheduling. With release dates dictated by studios and programming available on demand, what are you scheduling?

Emilio Nunez (EN):
Traditionally, you think of scheduling the way a broadcast channel or linear cable network would put together their schedule, with a 6PM or 8PM show. But with Movies On Demand (MOD) on cable (or any VOD content), viewers make their choices of start times. Still, we have to make choices regarding what movies we deliver to our affiliates.

As the industry’s leading distributor of movies to cable and telcos, iN DEMAND deals with every major Hollywood studio and more than 50 Indie suppliers. Every month we are offered more content than we can use. Besides building different schedules for different operators, each one has capacity requirements and a specific type of user interface. So we have to optimize their VOD offering given their unique parameters. If a system can only hold so many titles, every month we make some tough choices and decide which films make the schedule and which ones do not. We base this on box office performance, how early the window is, talent or awards, or if something might fit into a grouping of films in a folder that is being promoted that month.

Through ongoing negotiations with suppliers, we build in incentives for these companies to give us content as early as we can get it. Viewers have been the beneficiaries of this. We’ve been very successful in moving up the VOD window so now “day & date” with home video (DVD) is the norm and in many cases we are getting movies earlier than home video. Some indie studios give MOD titles before or the same day they are in theatres. The number of day & date titles available to cable viewers doubled from 2009 to 2010.

Every month, in addition to the new release schedule, we create a stunt schedule made up of library titles within folders in order to showcase movies that a customer might not find otherwise. Viewers will find a wealth of titles in these folders on their systems and I recommend that they go and explore what’s available. These stunts can be around holidays, a “tent pole” feature film that is being released, a celebrity’s birthday, death, or other creative categories. It works like a recommendation engine. If you go to a category, and you like movie X, then you might also like the other movies in that folder.

iN DEMAND also distributes other high-profile content besides movies. We program live Pay-Per-View sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts events and the digital out-of-market subscription professional sports packages for MLB, the NBA, the NHL and MLS. Plus, we are the exclusive TV home of Howard Stern via Howard TV On Demand.

ODW: What new content will you acquire that will be made available on demand that is different than the current content?

EN: We’ve been looking a lot more at short-form content, which works for VOD because it doesn’t have to fit a specific format to allow for commercials. We have also become aggressive in the 3D space and are working to build a substantial 3D VOD library. In addition to a number of Hollywood Films offered in 3D, we are developing original programming.

ODW: What type of original programming do you plan on developing?

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The Yule Log Is back On DemandDecember 19, 2011

The Yule Log Is back On Demand


The televised Yule Log on cable is back again this year in SD, HD and 3D via free Video On Demand (VOD). Last winter, cable brought viewers the very first 3D version of the televised Yule Log. This year, the industry adds another element, enabling viewers to easily access the iconic video log online anytime, for free, from the national Movies On Demand website, rentmoviesondemand.com. Now viewers can literally carry the Yule Log into any room in the house, and warm it up with a crackling fire and carols. While the virtual hearth is burning, they can also browse through the hottest movies available instantly via cable’s Movies On Demand (MOD).

Viewers can call up the Yule Log on any computer or mobile device simply by clicking on: http://rentmoviesondemand.com/yulelog

For the second year, many systems are showing the Yule Log in 3D, in addition to High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD). This holiday gift is available for free via Video On Demand (VOD) for digital cable subscribers on Comcast, Cox Communications, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Cablevision/Bresnan and RCN. The service is available now and airs until Jan. 2, 2012 as part of the cable operators’ “free on demand” services. (See list below of exact locations on system lineups, and content availability in 3D, SD or HD.)

Adding to the familiar Yule Log, program distributor iN DEMAND also provides Winter Green*, a snowy, pine forest setting and Snowman*, dressed in top hat, scarf and neckerchief withstanding a windy, snowy storm. These offerings will help viewers get into the holiday spirit, accompanied by traditional carols like Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. *Not in 3D.

While the original televised Yule Log has been airing on broadcast TV since 1966, iN DEMAND’s version for cable viewers was first produced in high definition starting in 2002 and lit up on Video On Demand starting in 2007. The 3D version, which started in 2010, is originally produced exclusively for cable by iN DEMAND using the latest 3D technology. To see the 3D version, viewers need a 3D TV with compatible 3D glasses and an HD set-top box connected according to their system’s specs. The HD offerings were filmed with HD cameras and are presented in 1080i picture and 5.1 sound. The 3D version was produced by Offhollywood Digital using Red 1 cameras and an Element Technica 3D rig.


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The Surf Channel Catches a Wave On DemandAugust 21, 2012

The Surf Channel Catches a Wave On Demand

The Surf Channel

The Surf Channel Devoted to Beach, Water & Board Sports -  Launching September 2012


Steve Bellamy, founder of The Tennis Channel and The Ski Channel television networks announced today the launch of a third endeavor into targeted sports media with The Surf Channel. The Surf Channel launches in mid-September and will be a free to consumer, VOD television network on cable, satellite, telco and digital. The channel will launch in 20MM US households and early distribution partners include: Comcast, Cox Communications, DirecTV, Dish Network, Filmon.com and a preferred channel partnership with YouTube. Other distribution has been secured and will be announced shortly.


“Surf, its’ lifestyle and environment create

an unparalleled canvas for a television network... 


...The Surf Channel will be a sports channel, travel channel and lifestyle channel all in one. Viewers will go on the most expensive vacation of their lives, to the most remote and exotic destinations the planet has to offer. They will get to see some of the most incredible athletes pushing the human spirit and the boundaries of human capability to the furthest of limits,” said Bellamy.


Steve Bellamy, The Surf Channel

A full programming palette will be announced shortly, but the channel will kick off with the greatest surf and action sports film of all time, THE ENDLESS SUMMER. Said ‘Endless Summers’ legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown, “The Surf Channel is going to be one of the best things to ever happen to our industry. Giving 10's of millions of people living room access to the sport and culture of surfing is something we have never had before. I stand with the rest of the surf ambassadors to do everything to help this channel be successful!" 





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NICE GIRLS CREW - New Comcast Web Series On DemandOctober 09, 2012

NICE GIRLS CREW - New Comcast Web Series On Demand

Nice Girls Crew

On Demand Weekly provides reviews of new original web series, TV and movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. 




That boy with the glasses and his bird did some really good things.

By Kate Asche Wilson

I love books. I love the feel of books. I love the smell. I love holding a book in my hand and feeling the heavy importance of symbolic prose. I once hit a guy with Anna Karenina. Tolstoy prepared me for life, and I thank him. The day my local Borders was shut down and replaced with a Chipotle was the day my soul died. Needless to say I am thrilled that I discovered a series that combines my two most favorite things: meaningful literature and crass comedy.

Created by Christine Kwon and directed by Tanuj Chopra, NICE GIRLS CREW centers around Sophie (Lynn Chen), Leena (Sheetal Sheth), Geraldine (Michelle Krusiec), and the most amazing book club in the history of existence. Why is it so amazing? Because they never actually talk about the book. No, instead they take shots, pop pills, and create a castle of cookies. It’s glorious.
Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen, Sheetal Sheth (NICE GIRLS CREW
At ten minutes each NICE GIRLS CREW is broken up into
five episodes of pure awesome.
Since they’ve known each other since second grade these girls are the perfect frenamies, and would definitely kill each other if they weren’t best friends. Watching them interact is a constant train wreck and the best thing about this series. 

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