BLOOMINGTON DemandJune 02, 2011


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: BLOOMINGTON (FilmBuff).


By Amy Slotnick


BLOOMINGTON is a coming of age drama about Jackie, a former child actress (played by Sarah Stouffer) who attends college in the mid-west to find independence from her acting career in Los Angeles. However blending in with the student body proves to be more difficult than Jackie expects. Her peers seem to only be interested in her as a celebrity but don’t show much genuine interest in being her friend.

At a meeting for the psychology department Jackie meets Professor Catherine Stark (played by Allison McAtee), a beautiful teacher in her 30s who is rumored to seduce her students. Despite warnings from others, Jackie is quickly enamored with Catherine and without any hesitation, they begin an intense and sexual romance. Jackie leaves school for a job in LA and the distance from Catherine, complicates their relationship.


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Edie Falco Is In Your BackyardAugust 03, 2011

Edie Falco Is In Your Backyard

Screen Media

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: 3 BACKYARDS (Screen Media).


3 BACKYARDS - On Demand
By Amy Slotnick


Two-time winner of Sundance’s directing award, Eric Mendelsohn follows up his first feature film JUDY BERLIN, with the poetic drama, 3 BACKYARDS.

3 BACKYARDS follows three interwoven stories, all set during one autumn day in a quaint Long Island town. A businessman, a housewife and a child are the main characters all of whom appear at first as very familiar archetypes.


Observing them as they go on brief but emotional journeys, we witness each find something unexpected. Their stories are connected by the theme that unseen, and sometimes secret, happenings can be found in one’s metaphoric backyard.


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MAN ON THE TRAIN - Starring Donald Sutherand & U2’s Larry Mullen Jr.October 26, 2011

MAN ON THE TRAIN - Starring Donald Sutherand & U2’s Larry Mullen Jr.

Tribeca Film

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: MAN ON THE TRAIN (Tribeca Film).


By Chris Claro


In the opening scene of Mary McGuckian’s MAN ON THE TRAIN, a steely-eyed loner steps into a pharmacy in search of pills for a migraine. When the pharmacist denies him the medicine, a gregarious older customer is only too happy to share his pain relievers with the stranger. Undaunted by the younger man’s taciturn reserve and mildly threatening demeanor, the older man invites him back to his house for water to wash down the pills.

So begins one of the most surprising and affecting films of the year, an exploration of two solitary lives and the ways in which they converge. With an understated grace, McGuckian offers a character study of a thief and a professor – each character is nameless – and the impact each has on the other. Slight of story but richly textured, MAN ON THE TRAIN is a mood piece, one that stealthily doles out its characters’ revelations at a deliberate, unhurried pace.


In his first acting role, U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. is the eponymous railroader, rolling into town to set up a bank job with his mates. Mullen is tough to read as an actor; it’s hard to tell whether his quiet, buttoned-up portrait of the solitary thief is based on acting skills or lack thereof. Either way, he acquits himself and does justice to the character as he slowly reveals the layers beneath his reticent deportment.


And then there’s Donald Sutherland. For over fifty years, Sutherland has brought his enigmatic persona to films both great – ORDINARY PEOPLE, DON’T LOOK NOW – and not so – S*P*Y*S, SPACE COWBOYS – etching characters that are often inscrutable and off-putting. But in MAN ON THE TRAIN, Sutherland makes use of his physical stature and booming basso to imbue the professor with a verbose joviality that belies his profound loneliness. Living alone in a shambling old house that seems populated by the spirits of generations past, the sociable academic is thrilled at the idea of having a houseguest, criminal or not. With his piano, his conservatory, and his four empty bedrooms, the professor rattles about the house, tending to his guest’s needs with the enthusiasm of a man welcoming family for a holiday visit.

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SLEEPING BEAUTY - Now On DemandNovember 16, 2011


IFC Films

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: SLEEPING BEAUTY (IFC Films).


By Amy Slotnick


Beautiful and broke, Lucy (Emily Browning) is a student looking for extra work to make ends meet. Like many before her, she finds the money made in sex work too great to resist. However, this work is atypical, even for a prostitute. The service she works for caters to a wealthy and senior clientele, white haired men who want to fondle her while she is drugged into a deep sleep. Penetration is forbidden, but abuse is not. When Lucy awakes, she remembers nothing, and it seems, at least initially, that she is able to avoid any emotional penetration as well.


The wide shots of Lucy’s slim, naked and limp body being groped by elderly men are soundless and long shots, making the dark urges being enacted seem even more disturbing. Lucy instinctively knows this is unhealthy for her, but her double life continues, while she wonders what is being done while she sleeps. It is the audience who knows more about the horrific details of her life than she does, and it is no fairy tale. We get glimpses of her life outside this job, but none of it is more fulfilling for her. She has a mysterious bond with an alcoholic she calls Birdman, but it is never clear what they mean to each other.


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VOD Spotlight: U2’s Larry Mullen Jr.January 07, 2012

VOD Spotlight: U2’s Larry Mullen Jr.

Tribeca Film

On Demand Weekly's VOD Spotlight highlights stories from the On Demand industry. Chris Claro interviews U2 drummer turned actor, Larry Mullen Jr. about MAN ON A TRAIN (Tribeca Film). Read our review of the film here.


Larry Mullen Jr. Drums Up Interest On Demand
The drummer from an iconic band talks with On Demand Weekly’s Chris Claro about his cinematic acting debut.


At 50, Larry Mullen, Jr. would appear to have precious few mountains left to scale. Founding member of the internationally acclaimed, universally respected, still-together U2, Mullen has provided the band his steady backbeat for over thirty years. He and his mates have sold over 150 million records, won 22 Grammy Awards, and are esteemed not only for their continued relevance, but their ability to bring light to the world’s ills. But even with all that, Larry Mullen, Jr. had the desire to do something new. The cliché goes that all actors want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to be actors, so just as Elvis, Bowie and Mick did before him, Mullen decided to take a shot at another kind of performance.


The film he chose as his debut, MAN ON THE TRAIN. It’s a remake of the French original, co-starring Donald Sutherland as a lonely professor who befriends a mysterious and taciturn stranger. The two men have a profound effect on each other and the film is an engaging, if obtuse, look at their offbeat friendship. Mullen’s involvement in the project came out of a meeting he had with his friend, the director of the film, Mary McGuckian. Though she encouraged him, Mullen was initially reticent, as he felt acting was “kind of a lead singer thing to do.”

“It’s not a dream a drummer is supposed to have,” Mullen explains. But McGuckian asked Mullen to watch the original MAN ON THE TRAIN, which starred Johnny Halliday, who was considered by some to be the French Elvis. “And he does this film and it’s a hit all over the world,” says Mullen. Halliday’s success acting in the film made Mullen less hesitant about taking the plunge into acting. “I was watching how somebody in your business actually can make that transition without too much embarrassment,” Mullen says.

Mullen was impressed that a novice such as Halliday could score onscreen, and jumped at the opportunity to take a stab at the same role, undaunted by his own lack of training. In fact, Mullen felt that his lack of professional acting skills made performing in the film easier for him. “Having no knowledge or training gave me a get-out-of-jail-free card,” he says, “I couldn’t fall back on technique if I had a problem. I just had to get up and do it again, which I did. Since I didn’t know any better, I wasn’t embarrassed in front of Donald Sutherland.”


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New Movies On Demand Preview - For Babes: November 2012November 01, 2012

New Movies On Demand Preview - For Babes: November 2012

On Demand Weekly's Kate Wilson (@KateDoesLife) goes through all the new  movies each month for her New Movies On Demand Preview - For Babes.



Kate’s Top Movies On Demand For The Babes


By Kate Asche Wilson
November. Such a beautiful month. Fall is in the air, the leaves are a beautiful orange color, and there’s a 50% sale on boots at DSW. Nothing is better than November. Pumpkin spiced lattes are back at Starbucks, and literally you are unstoppable. Early holiday shopping is already underway and you are ready to attack the mall on black Friday and destroy any fool who gets in your way. It’s a family filled mess of wonderful until New Years, and this is just the beginning. Now when you’re tired from shopping, working, and being absolutely amazing you deserve to sit back, relax, and put on a nice Movie on Demand. It’s November. You deserve it!
Top On Demand Films For Us, The Babes:
BRAVE - Premieres November 13
Pixar does it again with this girl power film that will have you planning world domination while blasting the inspirational sounds of Pat Benatar. Our protagonist is Princess Merida; a saucy red head that should really get an Herbal Essences endorsement. As custom states she is to be married off in a ritual called the Highland Games. Determined to change her fate Merida uses her archery skills to win her own hand causing chaos amongst the Scottish clans. Add in a little sorcery, and Merida’s bravery must be tested to undo a beastly curse. Brave is absolutely inspirational and the perfect film for any woman who knows what it’s like to be in charge of her own fate.
PG, Animation / Same day as DVD

STEP UP REVOLUTION - Premieres November 27
How many STEP UP’S have there been? Twenty? I lost count after the first one, but I’m pretty sure they’ve made about twenty. Regardless I’ve seen all of them. Mainly because “So You Think You Can Dance” told me to. Who doesn’t love shirtless men perfectly executing a pas de deux? Everyone I have ever met can dance, think they can dance, or really wish they could dance. I personally appreciate the fact that Hollywood thinks dancers hang out together in dance gangs and flash mob in response to political unrest. That’s how life should be.
PG-13, Drama / Same day as DVD

THE WATCH - Premieres November 13
I had to add a comedy in here because morally I couldn’t leave you with Step Up Revolution. The Watch follows four men who form a neighborhood watch in order to escape their suburban everyday lives. Being a comedy the gang haphazardly discover that their town has been overrun with aliens posing as regular citizens. It’s like The Stepford Wives but not creepy! Its all-star cast includes Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. With that combo it would be pretty impossible for it not to be hilarious. Just don’t take it to seriously. How could you really? It’s Ben Stiller saving the world from extraterrestrial suburbanites.
R, Comedy / Same day as DVD / 28 days before Netflix

A Film For The Guys That The Babes Will Like:

THE CAMPAIGN - Premieres October 30
First off I don’t think there’s anyone on this planet that can say that the combination of Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell is not funny. It’s actually impossible. That being said this film stars Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell. Do you get where I’m going with this? It’s funny! In a truly unapologetic, crass, and morally offensive way. Your guys will love this because deep down at the center of their manly core they enjoy lewd, awful, and downright despicable comedy. And you know what? Babes do to. That’s why you need to throw them through a loop by suggesting watching this film for date night. Hand them a beer when you suggest it too. You’ll be their God.
R, Comedy / Same day as DVD, Weeks before Netflix

Babes And Guys:

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - Premieres November 9
I know what you’re thinking. Another SPIDER-MAN franchise? So soon? But what about Tobey? I loved the last SPIDER-MAN franchise (SPIDER-MAN 3 is exempt from this love), and I have an unnatural loyalty to the beautiful Tobey Maguire, but this reboot is completely different, absolutely superb, and worth your time. Andrew Garfield plays a younger, neurotic, and darker Peter Parker that is struggling with adolescence just like your average teenager. Unlike your average teenager he has the added bonus of being a superhero. Fun times for an orphan with girl issues! Emma Stone is the perfect Gwen Stacey who rocks a ponytail and knee high boots like no one I’ve ever seen. Garfield and Stone’s chemistry make this film, and they add a sweet romance to an otherwise thrilling action adventure. Needless to say this film is perfect for both babes and guys.
PG-13, Action / Same day as DVD
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New Movies On Demand Preview: February 2013 - Academy Awards EditionFebruary 03, 2013

New Movies On Demand Preview: February 2013 - Academy Awards Edition

On Demand Weekly's Kate Wilson (@KateDoesLifegoes through all the new  movies each month for her New Movies On Demand Preview.



February Movies On Demand - Awards Season!


By Kate Asche Wilson

It’s February and you know what that means? It’s awards season! Thank god because frankly I was worried that Hollywood wasn’t getting the proper self-boosting accolades it deserves. Awards season is the absolute best and you know why? Because it’s so entertaining. Nothing’s better then watching your favorite celebrity get shit faced on national TV. Not to mention the terrible Dior dresses and the really awkward acceptance speeches that you have to mute because they’re uncomfortable. There’s actors, actors, more actors. It’s like a giant theatre party orgy but with better hair. I’m still hoping that someone gets backhanded with a Golden Globe.

Awards season is the greatest, and that’s why I’m here to help guide you on your path. Favorite best actor nominee? Easy Daniel Day-Lewis. Supporting Actress? Anne Hathaway. Obviously. I’ve picked out my top three Movies On Demand in February for awards season just for you. All are nominated in some way shape and form so watching them will be both educational and entertaining. I’ll also try to keep my personal bias out of the way so you can keep an open mind about these films. Actually I won’t. Two words: Leonardo Dicaprio.

I love awards season and hope that there are many more Lena Dunham jokes facilitated by Tina Fey in our future.

3. FLIGHT- Premiers February 5
FLIGHT is centered on William “Whip” Whitaker, an airline pilot who saves a flight from crashing. He’s initially praised as a hero, but a further investigation shows that there is more to the story then just the plane malfunctioning. Playing a man plagued by his love of Vodka and Latina women Denzel Washington leads the cast as Whip, and finds himself nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal. FLIGHT is also nominated for Best Original Screenplay, and is a must see film for anyone interested in checking out Daniel Day-Lewis’ competition.
R, Drama, Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, Same day as DVD

2. SKYFALL- Premiers February 12
Bond films are always fan favorites, but never seem to do much at awards time. This I feel is a conspiracy by the American Government in order to keep the general public from thinking the Brits are cooler than us. It’s fine we know they are. That being said the updated Bond films are truly spectacular and have the countless visual effects nominations to prove it. Not to mention the gorgeous Adele herself is nominated for Best Original Song. Go England!
PG-13, Action, Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Same day as DVD

1. ARGO- Premiers February 19
Words cannot describe how much I love ARGO. I am not even going to tell you the plot because if you haven’t seen ARGO yet stop whatever you are doing and go watch it now. Seriously I am not kidding. Do yourself a favor and watch this masterpiece of filmmaking immediately, and then you will see what I mean. It’s incredible. It’s directed by the beautiful BAffleck who also stars in it. Proving that DAREDEVIL was just a small bump in his career. It also has an incredible ensemble cast that includes Alan Arkin and John Goodman. I’m already mad enough at The Academy for snubbing BAffleck for the Best Director category so in order to make it up to me they better give ARGO Best Picture. No negotiations because if this doesn’t win I will hurt them. Not really. But really.
R, Drama, Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Same day as DVD, Weeks before Netflix & Redbox

Now aren’t we excited for Awards Season? Pop open the champagne, watch some Movies on Demand to get prepared, and relax. It’s the best month of the year.
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New Movies On Demand Preview: March 2013March 01, 2013

New Movies On Demand Preview: March 2013

On Demand Weekly's Kate Wilson (@KateDoesLifegoes through all the new  movies each month for her New Movies On Demand Preview.



March Movies On Demand - Awards Season!


By Kate Asche Wilson

It’s March team! You know what that means? Nothing! Because March is the absolute worst month of the year. Seriously does anything even happen in March? I had to Google Saint Patrick’s Day to make sure it is in fact in March. It is! So there’s that. Also, hilariously enough, I uncovered some extra special knowledge on the fun holidays in March that are pretty much unknown to most everyone. There’s Employee Appreciation Day, National Pig Day, Worship of Tools Day, and my personal favorite Multiple Personality Day. You and Sybil can finally have that quality time you’ve been craving!

And what better way to celebrate all of these delectable holidays that watching some Movies on Demand. Nothing says Extraterrestrial Abduction Day quite like a nice Movie on Demand.

Happy celebrating!

Hobbits, and wizards, and dwarves, and everything that’s good in the world! All wrapped up in a delicious Tolkien package. It stars every awesome British actor that has ever graced the silver screen, and is a truly epic fantasy that completely lives up to its name. This film should be watched immediately and then over analyzed on extremely zealous Internet fan sites.
PG-13, Adventure, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Same Day as DVD, Weeks Before Netflix & Redbox, Available in 3D

LES MISERABLES- Premiers March 22
Perfect if your story topic of choice is revolution and prostitution! This film also features the gorgeous Anne Hathaway in her heartbreaking Oscar winning performance as the tragic Fantine. An extra bonus is the added treat of ogling the delicious man candy that is Eddie Redmayne and Aaron Tveit. Not to mention it’s one of the most groundbreaking cinematic achievements of the year, and completely deserves all of the accolades it receives.
PG-13, Musical, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Same day as DVD, Weeks before Netflix & Redbox

THIS IS 40- Premiers March 22
This witty Judd Apatow comedy stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in a ridiculously great spin-off from the mega hit KNOCKED UP. Playing the two best supporting characters in cinematic history, Rudd and Mann tackle the hardships of parenting while still remaining hopelessly flawed. Let the hilarity ensue!
R and TV-MA, Comedy, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Same Day as DVD, Weeks Before Netflix & Redbox

Now if you haven’t acquired a post awards season hangover yet then you obviously haven’t been keeping up like you should and can fix that by watching these Best Picture nominees On Demand this month:

PG-13, Romance, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
same day as DVD

THE INTOUCHABLES – Premieres 3/5
R, Comedy, François Cluzet, Omar Sy
same day as DVD

PLAYING FOR KEEPS – Premieres 3/5
PG-13, Comedy, Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel
same day as DVD

RED DAWN – Premieres 3/5
PG-13, Action, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson
same day as DVD

WRECK-IT RALPH – Premieres 3/5
PG, Family, voices: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman
same day as DVD, available in 3D

LIFE OF PI – Premieres 3/12
PG, Adventure, Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS – Premieres 3/12
PG, Animated, voices: Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin
same day as DVD, available in 3D

PG, Fantasy, Erica Linz, Igor Zaripov
same day as DVD, available in 3D

ZERO DARK THIRTY – Premieres 3/19
R, Thriller, Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke
same day as DVD

IMAX: TO THE ARCTIC – Premieres 3/26
G, Documentary, narrated by Meryl Streep
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox, available in 3D

KILLING THEM SOFTLY – Premieres 3/26
R, Thriller, Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini
same day as DVD

LINCOLN – Premieres 3/26
PG-13, Drama, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones
same day as DVD

PARENTAL GUIDANCE – Premieres 3/26
PG, Comedy, Billy Crystal, Bette Midler
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

Also be sure to check out my favorite top Movie On Demand for February and the Oscar winner for Best Picture ARGO. Be amazed as Ben Affleck metaphorically tells The Academy to Argo F**K themselves!
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New Movies On Demand Preview:  April 2013March 31, 2013

New Movies On Demand Preview:  April 2013

On Demand Weekly's Kate Wilson (@KateDoesLifegoes through all the new  movies each month for her New Movies On Demand Preview.


April Movies On Demand


By Kate Asche Wilson


Hey On Demanders Kate here with a public service announcement to let you know that On Demand Weekly has finally decided to descend into vlogging madness. That’s right! Now instead of reading my monthly movie picks you can watch me talk about them. To put it into perspective on an Internet awesome scale this is right in between cat memes and photos of Ryan Gosling.

Now get ready because it’s April, and you know what that means? Spring! Flowers blooming, angels singing, noses running. Weather you don’t really understand but you strap on those Macramé wedges anyway. Springtime is the best. Not just because of the constant abuse of Nasonex, but because of the fabulous On Demand films. So once you’re done planting that pointless herb garden take my advice, and put on one of my top April Movies on Demand. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



The Top On Demand Move For The Babes:

THE IMPOSSIBLE- Premieres April 23
THE IMPOSSIBLE is about a misunderstood tsunami and the family that gets trapped in its vicious watery path. Based on a true story this heart wrenching tale stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as a family vacationing in Thailand with their three sons. Unfortunately before they even have time to order a coconut cocktail they are overtaken by the natural disaster and their family is tragically separated. What follows is the harrowing tale of their near death experience finding each other, and is so powerful that you’ll never want to travel to a tropical island ever again.
PG-13, Drama, Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, same day as DVD

The Top On Demand Movie For The Guys:

DJANGO UNCHAINED - Premieres April 16
DJANGO is a Tarantino film. Tarantino! People explode when they get shot in vivid Scorsese red. It’s amazing. Christoph Waltz plays a crazed dentist, Jamie Foxx is a free slave with a personal vendetta, and the underappreciated Leonardo Dicaprio takes on the best villain this side of Hans Gruber. People please. It’s Tarantino.
R, Action, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, same day as DVD

The Top On Demand Film For Both:

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is one of the most charmingly hilarious Indy rom-com’s in cinematic history. Bradley Cooper in his best role to date plays a bipolar man plagued by the whoreiness of his ex- wife, and the unstoppable Jennifer Lawrence plays opposite him as a sassy yet unbalanced widow with a need for a dance partner. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll enroll in a salsa class. You’ll come out of it with a sense of purpose and a new outlook on life. Trust me. Silver Linings Playbook is perfect for anyone with a heart and an interest in mental disorders and spandex.
R, Comedy, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, same day as DVD

Now let’s get watching team and remember let us be your guide for the best of TV and movies and follow us on twitter @OnDemandWeekly.

HYDE PARK ON HUDSON - Premieres 4/9
R, Drama, Bill Murray, Laura Linney
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

GANGSTER SQUAD – Premieres 4/23
R, Drama, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

A HAUNTED HOUSE - Premieres 4/23
R, Comedy, Marlon Wayans, Nick Swardson
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

PROMISED LAND - Premieres 4/23
R, Drama, Matt Damon, John Krasinski
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

BROKEN CITY – Premieres 4/30
R, Thriller, Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe
same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix & Redbox

THE GUILT TRIP - Premieres 4/30
PG-13, Comedy, Seth Rogen, Barbra Streisand
same day as DVD

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Michael Cera’s CRYSTAL FAIRY - Now On DemandJuly 21, 2013

Michael Cera’s CRYSTAL FAIRY - Now On Demand

IFC Films


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: CRYSTAL FAIRY (IFC Films).


See the latest Independent Movie On Demand (IMOD) Trailers here...



 By Sky McCarthy


Full disclosure. I adore Michael Cera. I am very partial to his past performances as the adorably awkward teen in movies like JUNO and NICK AND NORA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST (not to mention the always loveable George Michael Bluth on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT). He has been criticized in recent years for failing to break this mold – and few tries have resulted in any type of major success. With CRYSTAL FAIRY, Cera plays an entirely different role, a drug-obsessed, narcissistic ex-pat. And, surprisingly, he is every bit as endearing as the roles for which is he most commonly known.

Jamie (Cera) lives a semi-nomadic life in Chile. But unlike the usual party hopping ex-pat, Jamie takes everything about his life very seriously. He is meticulous about the quality of cocaine he snorts and frequently judgmental of other party goers that are “too out there.” One night he meets Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), a free-spirited hippie who believes in the healing powers of stones and pebbles. Despite finding her very strange, Jamie, in his elevated state, invites her on a road trip with three of his friends - Chilean brothers Champa, Lel and Pilo.

This trip, of course, has no ordinary purpose. The boys plan to locate a cactus known as San Pedro, that can be ingested for its mythical hallucinogenic properties. During the trip, Jamie continues to demonstrate his anal-retentiveness. But Cera’s display of agitation is more akin to a young, high-strung I-Banker struggling to close a deal than a coked-out American trying desperately to find himself. Crystal Fairy complements all of this agitated behavior with a natural serenity, but she never criticizes those around her. Hoffman plays Crystal with a unique charm, uncharacteristic of most know-it-all practitioners of new-age rituals. The brothers begin to find her amusing and even defend some of her practices- further annoying and infuriating Jamie. Once the plant is located, the small crew heads to the beach. It then becomes apparent that this film will not really have a plot. But that is entirely ok. 

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