World Cup On DemandJune 14, 2010

World Cup On Demand


Were you one of the few people at work today who didn't see the US vs England World Cup match this weekend? Never fear if you're a Comcast digital cable subscriber. You can watch a replay of the exciting match in its entirety along with other matches throughout the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.



Extensive World Cup Experience Also Available In HD, English, Spanish -- Live, On Demand and Online
Comcast, the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communication products and services, announced it will deliver a multiplatform experience of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that includes: every FIFA World Cup match live in its entirety, live games in 3D from ESPN 3D, games On Demand the next day and online coverage with live games and the latest news.  Comcast will also provide customers the world’s premier soccer tournament in both English and in Spanish.  Comcast was the first cable affiliate to sign on to deliver ESPN 3D, just weeks after bringing consumers the first live national next-generation 3D sporting event with the Masters Tournament in April.
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30 for 30’s Fab Five (VOD Hidden Gem)March 09, 2012

30 for 30’s Fab Five (VOD Hidden Gem)


Media savant T Tara Turk goes deep inside cable TV to reveal Video On Demand's Hidden Gems so even the busiest of our readers can get the most out of On Demand TV. Tell Tara what VOD shows you think deserves her attention.


30 for 30's Fab Five

By T. Tara Turk


My home town, Detroit, has been in the news an awful lot the last few years and it’s been hard to watch. The Motor City in the news in definitely not the one of my youth. I clearly remember a community of black people living like the Cosbys before there even was a Cosby Show - smart, working class, cultural people who just wanted better for their families. The buildings didn’t look like horror skeletons, the small businesses thrived, education came first and cars, teachers and cops made the Motor City run. And in the late 80s/early 90s, basketball was the sport we all watched coming off a Detroit Pistons championship that rocked the world - well, our world anyway.



This is the backdrop of ESPN On Demand’s 30 for 30 series that features the Fab Five of University of Michigan. The doc is On Demand after premiering last year I’m assuming in time for March Madness or it could be celebrating the fact that a few of the key players in the doc are still either playing or doing sports commentary.


Like their namesakes The Beatles, the Fab Five - Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson - took the state by storm in 1991, igniting a college basketball frenzy across the nation. They arrived on the U of M campus with high top fades, hip hop on their tape decks, GQ smiles, and talent mostly harnessed in the inner city (Webber actually came from the prep school Country Day but still played like he could hold his own in the public housing projects). These five young men were poised to take over the NCAA.


They were so electrifying that it was as if they really were a rap group - everybody wanted autographs, basketball jerseys with their numbers, shout outs and championships immediately. No time before had the world of college basketball taken center stage as it did this time around. I remember a girl in my high school used her mother’s church connections to get Chris Webber to take her to prom. We all spent the whole night trying not to look like we were staring at him. There were girls, stories, claims of being a second cousin twice removed, fab five haircuts and a local pandemonium not unlike Biebermania. If there was even a hint that one of them, let alone more than three of them were at the TGI Friday’s in Southfield (a suburb of Detroit) there was sure to be a traffic jam on the way there.


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