Hot Movies On Demand:  Inglourious BasterdsJanuary 22, 2010

Hot Movies On Demand:  Inglourious Basterds

Photo courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Hot Movies On Demand - The Week’s Top Ten VOD Movies


Lt. Aldo Raine: You probably heard we ain't in the prisoner-takin' business; we in the killin' Nazi business. And cousin, Business is a-boomin'.


The top ten video on demand (VOD) movies for the week ending January 10, 2010 are:


10. Jennifer’s Body

9. (500) Days of Summer

8. G-Force                      

7. All About Steve                                 

6. The Final Destination 

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T Tara On Demand - Carmen Electra Vegas StripteaseJanuary 27, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease

T Tara Turk

Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease
Exercise TV On Demand
Who says exercise should be all ouch and trainer screams? Is it possible that stripteasing can make you burn some calories? With the popularity of striptease classes, I figured I might as well try it for free in the privacy of my own home. Carmen Electra is infamous for many things but I’m not sure her DVDs are among them.
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5 Things You Should Know About HOUSE HUNTINGApril 24, 2012

Phase 4 Films

HOUSE HUNTING: Two families attend an open house in the hopes of finding their dream home. Upon entering, their dream quickly becomes a hellish nightmare when they realize that every attempt to leave takes them right back to the front door. Stuck in this purgatory, the two families are haunted by the deserted home’s former owner with the declaration that only one of the two families will be able to call this house their home.


Here are ODW's 5 Things You Should Know About HOUSE HUNTING


1. This horror thriller was shot in the filmmakers’ childhood home in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.A.


2. HOUSE HUNTING is Marc Singers’ come back into mainstream media since starring in THE BEASTMASTER in 1983.

3. Features Paul McGill, whose Broadway stardom has landed him roles in feature films such as ‘Fame’.

4. Up and coming actress Emma Rayne Lyle stars in the film I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT alongside Sarah Jessica Parker.


5. Neighbouring the farm where this film was shot is a famous house in Charlottesville, Virginia that is suspected to be haunted.

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Bieber Fever Hits On DemandSeptember 11, 2012

Bieber Fever Hits On Demand

Music Choice

Music Choice today unveiled the latest episode of The "F" Word, about another 4 letter f word (Fame). This month features Justin Bieber himself. 


The ‘F’ Word is a 15-minute show that focuses on the total picture of being famous. Featured artists reflect on their fame — from the highs and lows to everything in between. Additional artists to be featured this season include: Brandy, Cobra Starship and many more. 


The show is available for free on Music Choice On Demand September 2012. Look for it on your cable provider.


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