Harry Belafonte’s SING YOUR SONG (HBO On Demand)November 04, 2011

Harry Belafonte’s SING YOUR SONG (HBO On Demand)


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By Jean Tait


As the economy has tanked and quagmire-wars continue endlessly overseas, I’ve wondered where the protesters of the sixties and seventies are. Now as Occupy Wall Street spreads across the world, I realize that not only is that activism alive and well, but some of that feeling never went away. That fire for demanding human rights has been burning continually in Harry Belafonte!


At 84, the still handsome and vigorous Belafonte remains glorious and gracious, and still demanding human rights, as captured in the new documentary, “Sing Your Song” now On Demand on HBO.

For those who may not know him at all, or only vaguely as the guy who sings that Day-O song, this documentary will be a revelation. For those who were already aware of the multi-talented actor/singer, this will expand that awareness into full on awe.


With his good looks, charm and talent, Harry Belafonte quickly rose to success as a singer/actor. But his success brought controversy as young girls (many of them white) swooned for him, much to the dismay of older, more bigoted audiences. His theatrical appearances with Marge and Gower Champion broke barriers when Marge Champion (who is white) danced and sang with Harry, actually holding his hand on stage.

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