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By Bill Nordham


In Japan when you’re really, really good at something, you can earn the title of Living National Treasure. It’s a high honor that comes with a $25,000 annuity for the rest of your life. Jiro Ono, the 85-year old proprietor of the 10-seat, 3 Michelin-starred Sukiyabashi Jiro, is well aware that those checks will not come forever.

JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI documents the twilight years of one of the world’s greatest disciples to the art of sushi as he faces the mortal questions that await each one of us: Will my children be ok after I’m gone? Have I done enough to prepare them for life without my help? If I’m still working when I could be a great-great grandfather and supervising my oldest son past his 50th birthday (after he was the one who prepared the meals that earned my Michelin stars), is it safe to hand over the reins? Is it enough? Of course, Jiro knows his legacy is safe and that his sons are long past ready to maintain his uncompromising standards and tireless work ethic. But, on the other hand, one more day couldn’t hurt.



Chef Ono involuntarily left home at the impossibly young age of 9 and spent the next 76 years gently teasing heaven from a sliver of fish and some vinegared rice. While the rainbow colors and playful textures of Spider and Dragon rolls excite the masses in US sushi restaurants, Jiro continues to serve the simple nigiri and maki that often remain the last box left in your local supermarket. Clearly something more subtle is going on. 

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