Stand Up 2 Cancer: On DemandJanuary 20, 2010

Stand Up 2 Cancer: On Demand

Stand Up 2 Cancer

For those wanting to do more to help fight cancer than just posting the color of your bra strap on Facebook, Comcast TV On Demand has joined forces with Stand Up 2 Cancer to give us Stand Up 2 Cancer On Demand.  Stand Up 2 Cancer is an organization trying to raise awareness and money to help cure cancer. The venture with Comcast TV On Demand is a way to further that cause, raise awareness, and raise some money all at the same time.
“Whether it’s how the research we fund is conducted, or how we engage the entertainment community, collaboration and innovation are Stand Up To Cancer’s twin mantras,” said Laura Ziskin, the highly-acclaimed film producer and a Stand Up 2 Cancer Founding Member. “Comcast partnered with us on something that has never been done before." 
To find the special Stand Up 2 Cancer section, go from the main menu to Music and then click on Stand Up 2 Cancer folder. What will you get with Stand Up 2 Cancer on Demand? A wide array of music videos from artists including:
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Watching Kevin Durant play basketball is an experience. He can bring viewers through an entire range of emotion in just two hours. Happiness, excitement, awe, heartbreak, hope are the most common feelings that Durant inspires. And he does inspire.

At 6’11”, Durant is an anomaly. Nearly every other basketball player his size doesn’t dribble or take a jumpshot from further than 15 feet. But Durant has no limits on the court.

Durant, who is represented by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation sports agency, teamed up with HBO Sports to produce THE OFFSEASON: KEVIN DURANT, a one-hour special detailing Durant’s summer.

The show starts off the day after Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated from the NBA playoffs on May 31. Durant, with his entourage of childhood and college friends, then packs up and moves to Beverly Hills, to work on his game for the summer.



 This isn’t Durant’s first time getting into show business. He starred in THUNDERSTRUCK, a 2012 movie about a high school kid who stole Durant’s ability by touching the same basketball as Durant. James Belushi and Brandon T. Jackson costarred in that. The movie made less than $600,000.

He’s part of a long line of athletes getting into the entertainment business. These stars are trying to grow their brand, which means get in front of as many faces as possible. It’s rarely about the money for Durant, or fellow NBA superstars LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. They want exposure, during their playing careers. The more people that see them on the silver screen or in primetime, the better. That’s another signature shoe or jersey sold. 


Russell Westbrook, Unknown, KEVIN DURANT (HBO)

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